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Our Resource Guide on Governance issues concentrates on research relating to democratic governance, fragile states, institutional development, justice, good governance, public sector & service delivery and urban governance.

New resources on governance in Nigeria
The dome of a mosque under construction
T. Smith / Panos Pictures
Eldis has partnered with SPARC (the State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability programme) to offer the latest resources on good governance in Nigeria. The resources offer information on actual experiences in governance reform with the ideas, tools and methods presented, examples for others to adopt, adapt or take forward.

Latest Documents

Is it oil, land or investment triggering increasing land dispute in Lakang village of Amuru district?
O.D. Barnabas / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This report presents analysis on the ongoing large scale land acquisition practices and the implication on sustainable development among local communities in Lakang village, Amuru district in Northern Uganda. The scenario in La...
Thrown along the way: community perspectives on conflict drivers in the implementation of the Peace Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for Northern Uganda
J. Odong / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
Northern Uganda is one of the many regions in Uganda that has suffered from persistent armed conflicts; however, there have been strong commitments by the government to rebuilding the north. The current paper sheds light on the Peace,...
The brunt of forceful evictions in post conflict societies
D.B. Otim / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2013
Characterised by radicalisation and sectarianism, the dispute in Apaa, Uganda, still remains largely unresolved. This paper highlights that the eviction in Apaa has resulted in deaths and destruction of property and food items. ...
“We need a culture of truth”: the role of civil society organisations in transitional justice
O. Eunice; C. Kuklick / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2014
The Refugee Law Project (RLP) recently met with a number of civil society organisations (CSOs) and key stakeholders to discuss transitional justice (TJ) and national reconciliation in Uganda. This report sheds light on the discussions...
South Africa Crime Quarterly: 20 years of criminal justice in South Africa
C. Gould (ed) / Institute for Security Studies, 2014
This special edition reviews 20 years of criminal justice in South Africa, and questions common assumptions about violence, corruption and policing.  Articles include: The pitfalls of governing crime through...
Gaza and Israel: New Obstacles, New Solutions
International Crisis Group, 2014
After rounds of pyrrhic victories and weak ceasefires, Israel and Hamas are again locked in combat, with at least 168 Palestinian deaths, mainly civilian, in less than a week and Israeli civilians seeking shelter from rocket salvos. T...
Managing solutions, not just problems: the role of civil society organisations in transitional justice
O. Eunice; C. Kuklick / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2014
This report summarises the main ideas presented in a meeting that brought together the Refugee Law Project with civil society organisations (CSOs) and key stakeholders in order to discuss transitional justice (TJ) and national reconci...
Options and proposals for the international governance of geoengineering
R. Bodle; S. Oberthür / Umwelt Bundes Amt / The Federal Environment Agency, Germany, 2014
This research offers proposals for the governance of the main currently discussed geoengineering concepts at the international climate policy level. Based on analysis of the existing regulatory framework and its gaps, the study identi...
Framing the World Cup: Competing Discourses of Favela Pacification as a Mega-Event Legacy in Brazil
C. Prouse / Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America, 2012
In November of 2010, Brazilian military and police officers rolled through the streets of Complexo de Alemão, Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela, in an effort to ‘take back’ the community from notorious drug traffic...
Evolving customary institutions in the Drylands: an opportunity for devolved natural resource governance in Kenya?
D. Tari; J. Pattison / International Institute for Environment and Development, 2014
Improved governance of natural resources is crucial for building climate resilient livelihoods and economies in Africa’s drylands. This paper looks at why the authority and capacity of customary natural resource management insti...
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