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Our Resource Guide on Governance issues concentrates on research relating to democratic governance, fragile states, institutional development, justice, good governance, public sector & service delivery and urban governance.


2015: A year of opportunities and threats for women’s rights in Nigeria
The Women for Women International’s parliamentary briefing on women’s rights in Nigeria, which was held at the UK House of Lords in London, on February 25, opened with a discussion on the opportunities and challenges for 2015. While the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals and the reviews of international commitments, such as the Beijing Platform for Action and the UN Security Council Resolution 1325, can be seen as major opportunities, the growing insecurity due to the Boko Haram insurgency, as well as new and ongoing governance issues raise serious concerns.

Latest Documents

The “Born Frees”: the prospects for generational change in post-apartheid South Africa
R. Mattes / Afrobarometer, 2011
To the extent that political culture is ultimately important to the survival and quality of democracy, culture change is a fundamentally important issue confronting new democracies such as South Africa. This paper examines the attitud...
Taking stock: the development of retail centres in emerging economy areas: impact on local consumers, local businesses and the local economy
R. McGaffin; L. Gavera / Urban LandMark, 2011
The last decade has seen a significant increase in the number of retail centres being developed in “emerging economy” areas in South Africa. This paper looks at some key issues to consider when developing retail centres in...
Urban LandMark land release assessment tool: comparison between the findings of the Western Cape and Gauteng case studies
Urban LandMark, 2011
This paper demonstrates that the Urban LandMark land release assessment (LRA) tool, developed and used in South Africa, was applied in two Gauteng case studies in order to compare the Gauteng experience with that of the Western Cape. ...
Urban landmark land release assessment tool: Pennyville case study report
Urban LandMark, 2011
This paper indicates that a land-release assessment (LRA) model was developed in South Africa and used to assess the cost effectiveness of several case-studies in Western Cape. The paper particularly focuses on the case of Pennyville,...
BRICS Insights 1: India’s experience with multilateral financial institutions: insights for the BRICS New Development Bank
S. Singh; C. Mukamba / Global Economic Governance Africa, 2015
In the wake of India’s economic growth in the past two decades, the country has played an increasingly prominent role in providing foreign assistance to low-income countries, particularly in Asia and increasingly in Africa. The ...
Urban Landmark land release: assessment tool: Cosmo City case study report
Urban LandMark, 2011
This paper indicates that in order to evaluate the cost effectiveness of public land release in South Africa, a Land Release Assessment (LRA) model was developed and used to assess case studies in the Western Cape. The report focuses ...
Legislative and policy context for the application of value capture mechanisms by municipalities
A.H. Tshangana / Urban LandMark, 2011
When government upgrades existing or installs new transport infrastructure, the development may bring greater passenger loads, increased traffic, and improved exposure to the immediate area. Importantly, this potential increase in lan...
Value capture from transit-oriented development and other transportation interchanges
Urban LandMark, 2011
Fast, efficient transportation systems help to promote the movement of large numbers of people between the places they live and work; therefore, the presence of transit stations can be an economic asset for attracting and concentratin...
India's small satellite mission: time for the next leap forward
N. Prasad / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2015
India has always given importance to the development of space technology for peaceful purposes. The Indian space programme is one of the biggest national space programmes in the world, which has transitioned from its purely research o...
Centre-state relations in India: time for a new framework
N. Sahoo / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2015
The success or failure of any government in Delhi depends largely on its ability to manage the federal arithmetic. In the country's existing federal structure, many core economic activities and service delivery functions are carried o...
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