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Our Resource Guide on Governance issues concentrates on research relating to democratic governance, fragile states, institutional development, justice, good governance, public sector & service delivery and urban governance.

Africa’s growing cities: how do people adapt?
The dome of a mosque under construction
T. Smith / Panos Pictures
With World Habitat Day on October 6, in this article Dr. Mark Napier provides a timely insight on the urgent need to address unequal access to land and property. Specifically he reflects on how African cities grow and the way poor people can integrate themselves into urban economies.

Latest Documents

Trapped in underdevelopment: the permanence of poverty and food insecurity in Malawi
M.G. Tsoka / Afrobarometer, 2013
Reviewing Malawi Government development policy documents gives the impression that poverty and underdevelopment is a permanent feature. This policy brief tracks responses to a question asked by Afrobarometer about the most important p...
Instituting REDD+: An analysis of the processes and outcomes of two pilot projects in Brazil and Tanzania
A. Vatn / International Institute for Environment and Development, 2013
REDD readiness is about developing national strategies for REDD+ including the necessary systems to ensure reduced DD, encompassing systems for monitoring/carbon accounting and distribution of international compensations. Establishing...
A tale of two presidents: assessments of ‘chitsulo cha njanje’ and ‘amayi’ in Malawi
M.G. Tsoka / Afrobarometer, 2013
This briefing paper uses a recent Afrobarometer survey to compare people’s assessments of the two most recent presidents of Malawi, the incumbent, Mrs. Joyce Banda, and her predecessor, the late Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika. Th...
Tanzania: citizens’ perceptions and attitudes towards taxation, tax enforcement and tax officials
R.J. Aiko / Afrobarometer, 2013
The last two decades have seen Tanzania implement important reforms of its tax system in search for more reliable financing for development. This brief explores contemporary public opinions and attitudes towards taxation, tax enforcem...
Juvenile Justice in the West Bank: analysis and recommendations for reform
While the State of Palestine has made significant strides in enacting laws that are intended to protect the rights of juveniles in the criminal justice system, this study shows that poor implementation and lack of oversight undercut t...
Governance and democracy attitudes in higher performing African countries
B. Lindeke / Afrobarometer, 2013
Namibia is usually regarded as one of the best performing democracies in Africa. This paper compares public attitudes that are central to democratic life across high performing countries in Africa, focusing particularly on Namibia, ye...
Tax administration in Ghana: perceived institutional challenges
D. Armah-Attoh; M. Awal / Afrobarometer, 2013
This paper seeks to examine Ghanaians’ knowledge of tax obligations to the state, their opinions on the tax system, and attitudes towards the payment of taxes. Furthermore, it explores factors that fuel tax evasion or the readin...
Examining the relevance of political parties in Malawi
J.J. Chunga / Afrobarometer, 2014
This briefing paper examines the relevance of political parties in Malawi’s democracy. The paper considers three dimensional analysis of the functions of political parties: those oriented toward the electorate, those that are li...
Restructuring the township physical environment
Urban LandMark, 2009
Townships form an integral part of the South African urban system. The typical city or town contains a mix of the following elements: core and frame (fringe/periphery), which comprise of the historical central business ...
Unlocking township markets
Urban LandMark, 2009
It is essential to consider township markets when planning for renewal and economic development. Planners and practitioners need to be aware of how interventions will affect different markets. This module within the township renewal s...
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