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Our Resource Guide on Governance issues concentrates on research relating to democratic governance, fragile states, institutional development, justice, good governance, public sector & service delivery and urban governance.

Africa’s growing cities: how do people adapt?
The dome of a mosque under construction
T. Smith / Panos Pictures
With World Habitat Day on October 6, in this article Dr. Mark Napier provides a timely insight on the urgent need to address unequal access to land and property. Specifically he reflects on how African cities grow and the way poor people can integrate themselves into urban economies.

Latest Documents

Analysis of qualitative survey on accessing, holding and trading land: synthesis report
W. Smit / Urban LandMark, 2008
Holding and trading of urban land by the poor is still an issue in South Africa. The current report presents and analysis of a number of interviews that were undertaken by concerned NGO in nine South African settlements to shed lights...
Getting down to business: lessons from the African Peer Review Mechanism
T. Corrigan / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
The Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) is an initiative aimed at fostering good governance and development in its participating states. As part of its multi-pronged inquiry, it devotes a great deal of attention to investigating corpo...
‘Good Citizens’: corporate social responsibility in Africa
T. Corrigan / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a growing consideration for businesses. The Country Review Reports (CRRs) compiled through the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) provide a unique lens through which CSR application in Africa...
Corporate governance in Africa’s state-owned enterprises: perspectives on an evolving system
T. Corrigan / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
The African Peer Review Mechanism’s (APRM) Country Review Reports (CRRs) provide a unique overview of central themes in Africa’s political economy, and the insights they provide into corporate governance are particularly u...
Access to urban land: a handbook for community organisations
Urban LandMark, 2008
Lack of access to urban land by the poor is one of the biggest challenges facing South African cities. Urban LandMark, a focused NGO, organised a series of workshops across the country to document the experiences and views of communit...
Building an African corporate governance
T. Corrigan / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
Developing a suitable system of corporate governance is an important priority for Africa. Corporate governance is underdeveloped on the continent – outside particular pockets – but the emerging system reflects a mix o...
Will rising democracies adopt pro-human rights foreign policies?
T. Piccone / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
As democratisation unfolded in countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa, it was hoped that these states would find common ground with more established democracies. While emerging and established democracies have col...
The political economy of corruption and REDD+: lessons from the Philippines' pilot sites
G. Mayo-Anda; J. Torres / U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, 2014
Corruption is a continuing feature of the Philippines’ natural resource sectors. Given keen interest in the country’s REDD+ potential, it is useful to consider corruption risks related to REDD+ from a political economy per...
Drivers of corruption: a brief review
T. Søreide / World Bank, 2014
For many years, corruption was seen as primarily, if not exclusively, a political problem with little or no relevance to economic development. Recently, however, the nexus between corruption and governance issues, on theone hand, and ...
Scoping study: local land registration practices in South Africa
M. Rubin; L. Royston / Urban LandMark, 2008
Recognition of what exists in informal settlement upgrading is particularly important in comparison with greenfields development. This report is intended to inform the work in the tenure theme area on securing and managing land rights...
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