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Our Resource Guide on Governance issues concentrates on research relating to democratic governance, fragile states, institutional development, justice, good governance, public sector & service delivery and urban governance.

New resources on governance in Nigeria
The dome of a mosque under construction
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Eldis has partnered with SPARC (the State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability programme) to offer the latest resources on good governance in Nigeria. The resources offer information on actual experiences in governance reform with the ideas, tools and methods presented, examples for others to adopt, adapt or take forward.

Latest Documents

Rapid review: Nepal road safety
J. Fletcher / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This rapid desk-based study is sought to provide evidence to support improved road safety in Nepal. The paper indicates that Nepal has one of the highest road accident fatality rates in the world. However, crash data reporting ...
Flows and practices: integrated water resources anagement (IWRM) in African contexts
L. Mehta; S. Movik / Institute of Development Studies UK, 2014
For the past two decades, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) has been considered the dominant paradigm in water resources. It is the flagship project of supranational global bodies such as the Global Water Partnership...
Mainstreaming environment into humanitarian interventions: a synopsis of key organisations, literature and experience
C. Kelly / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This study reviews a selection of materials on the environment and humanitarian interventions, focusing on who is active in the field of environment and humanitarian response, and what exists in terms of application to manage environm...
Promoting accountability for conflict-related sexual violence against men: a comparative legal analysis of international and domestic laws relating to IDP and refugee men in Uganda
S. Henry / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2014
This paper addresses an issue of growing concern to gender activists, human rights and humanitarian actors, as well as governments, namely: what legal remedies are available to male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, parti...
The economic costs of violent crime in urban Haiti: Results from Monthly Household Surveys
A.R. Kolbe / Igarape Institute, 2012
Crime and victimization are amongst the most pressing concerns cited by Haitian citizens today. Surveys conducted on a monthly basis between August 2011 and July 2012 indicate that violent crime is increasingly common, particularly in...
Smarter policing: tracking the influence of new Information Technology in Rio de Janeiro
R. Muggah / Igarape Institute, 2013
Technological advancements are changing the architecture of police-society relations around the world. New modes of oversight, whether applied by public security entities or citizens, are dramatically transforming the way policin...
The road ahead for the African Governance Architecture: an overview of current challenges and possible solutions
N. Tissi; F. Aggad-Clerx / South African Institute of International Affairs, 2014
Following a range of previous commitments to improve the status of governance in Africa, in 2011 the African Union (AU) established the African Governance Architecture (AGA) as the flagship initiative of its ‘shared values&rsquo...
Rapid desk-based evidence search to support a business case for support to Afghanistan’s transport, energy and water infrastructure sectors
Y. Samilullah / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This HelpDesk Report gives an overview on the evidence to found to support a business case for supporting Afghanistan’s water, transport and energy infrastructure sectors. The report contains: the state of ...
Global experiences of Road Authorities to inform development of a Road Authority in Afghanistan
D. Smith / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This report summarises the global experiences of Road Authorities (RA) in order to inform The UK's Department for International Development's (DFID) support to the infrastructure and transport sectors in Afghanistan. The report descri...
Land governance and transparency livelihoods CPD event: overview
C. Maugham / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This document is a summary of key points made by speaker in the “Land Governance and Transparency” event, which took place in the UK in 2013. The paper makes reference that the first step towards better governance i...
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