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Our Resource Guide on Governance issues concentrates on research relating to democratic governance, fragile states, institutional development, justice, good governance, public sector & service delivery and urban governance.

New resources on governance in Nigeria
The dome of a mosque under construction
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Eldis has partnered with SPARC (the State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability programme) to offer the latest resources on good governance in Nigeria. The resources offer information on actual experiences in governance reform with the ideas, tools and methods presented, examples for others to adopt, adapt or take forward.

Latest Documents

An Agenda for the New Government: Policy Options for India in Afghanistan
R. Krishnamurthy / Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India, 2014
This brief explore the potential future policy options for the Indian government and does not touch upon the initiatives already undertaken by New Delhi in Afghanistan. New Delhi, the author asserts, must try to optimise its potential...
Biological Weapons Convention Confidence: the prohibition and learning from the past
B. Rappert; C. Gould / Institute for Security Studies, 2014
The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) seeks to completely exclude the possibility that biological agents and toxins will be used as weapons. In recent years many states parties to the convention have express...
Civil Society and Development in West Africa: Issues, Problems and Doubts
E. Obadare / West Africa Civil Society Institute, 2014
West Africa’s multiple civil societies are as diverse in form, size, motive, constitution and approach as the distinct contexts in which they operate. Though much is attributed to them, there has hitherto been no thorough/detail...
Peace and Security Council Report: Egypt's readmission to the AU
Institute for Security Studies, 2014
This issue considers the recent decision to lift Egypt’s suspension from the AU. As Libya comes back onto the AU’s agenda, the challenges confronting the PSC in this volatile country are reviewed. Insights are provided on ...
What next after lapse of amnesty: views from Nwoya district reconciliation and peace team
J. Shewan / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
The Refugee Law Project (RLP) is focusing on peace and security developments in Northern Uganda, and with the recent announcement of the lapse of Part II of the Amnesty Act, RLP is assessing the impact this development will have on st...
Ownership, resettlement and accountability: the Elegu land dispute in Northern Uganda: a situational analysis
O.D. Barnabas; I.R. Jahn / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This report presents the key findings and recommendations of research on the land conflict in Elegu, Adjumani and Amuru district, Uganda, conducted by Refugee Law Project (RLP). The report indicates that the dispute is playing out bet...
Situation brief: border or ownership question: the Apaa land dispute
O.D. Barnabas / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This brief entail issues relating to resettlement, land ownership, and boundary dispute between Amuru and Adjumani districts in Uganda. The brief particularly addresses the current land dispute playing out in Apaa village between the ...
Situation brief: impact of floods in Acholi-sub-region and the implications for post-conflict recovery
J. Odong / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This briefing paper presents preliminary findings and analysis pertaining to 2012 floods within Acholi sub-region, Uganda. The paper notes that the post armed-conflict era has witnessed several new conflict dynamics and emergin...
Re-examining peace and economic recovery in northern Uganda
O.D. Barnabas; O.B. Kasozi / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
This paper represents a contextual analysis and situational updates relating to peace and economic recovery in Northern Uganda. The paper clarifies that the region is emerging from over two decades of conflict waged between the govern...
“Land and investment”: balancing local and investor interest
O.D. Barnabas; I. Jahn; E. Cody / Refugee Law Project, Uganda, 2012
The contextual drivers for land grabbing in Northern Uganda are dependent on the speculative values attached to land and oil-related discoveries and investment opportunities in the region. This paper indicates that land dispute in Nor...
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