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European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

ECDPM aims to improve international cooperation between Europe and countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific (ACP). It does this through capacity building for policy management, the promotion of policy dialogue between ACP countries and Europe, and the provision of information and facilities for knowledge exchange. Programme includes documentation, research and publication elements.

WWW site includes information on programmes publications list, full text/summaries of working papers, extensive information on its research programme on the future of the Lome Convention.

ECDPM also supports the Euforic WWW site on European development cooperation (see separate entry)

Published Documents

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Making waves: implications of the irregular migration and refugee situation on Official Development Assistance spending and practices in Europe
A. Knoll; A. Sherriff / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2017
The year 2015 became a particularly challenging year for European cooperation in the field of migration. As a consequence, in-donor refugee costs have increased dramatically in some European countries. This paper sets out to i...
Changes in the relationships between Europe and Africa
J. Mackie; S. Görtz; Q. de Roquefeuil / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2011
In Europe, the financial crisis raises uncertainty about the strength of the European Union’s foundations. Parts of Africa, meanwhile, are witnessing vigorous growth and increasing moves towards democracy. The contrast between t...
Can budget support aid better governance?
G. Negatu; E. Santi; K. Tench / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2010
Budget support is seen as the instrument of choice for many donors and partners to help avoid aid proliferation and fragmentation, and the resultant transaction costs; increase the availability of resources for financing recurrent cos...
Conceptual frameworks and streamlining of domestic accountability
J. Bossuyt (ed); J. Vanheukelom (ed); F. Aggad (ed) / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2009
This discussion paper tackles the conceptual and policy dimensions of domestic accountability, an issue that has edged to the forefront of the development agenda. It discusses the Dutch Development Cooperation Ministry’s and par...
Capacity development: implications for practice
T. Hand; V. Hauck; H. Baser / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2009
In recent years, the international community has been emphasising the importance of capacity development for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and sustainable development in general. The Accra High Level Forum o...
Addressing aid orphans and climate change: making European aid effective
G. Corre (ed) (ed); J. Mackie; S. Trenner / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2008
This framework document analyses the European aid architecture and how best to deploy actors and aid instruments in the face of global challenges. The proliferation of possible aid channels, aid fragmentation and the differ...
What do the potential benefits and challenges of the EPAs hinge on?
D. Lui; S. Bilal / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2009
Despite a period of intense negotiations towards interim EPAs, a number of ACP negotiators and politicians have voiced concerns over some "contentious" provisions appearing within the agreements. This paper attempts to review some of ...
Building local capacity to monitor decentralisation
C. Loquai; S. Le Bay / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2007
This document contributes to the debate on developing local capacities to monitor and evaluate decentralisation and local governance processes. It examines a number of initiatives to build the capacity of local stakeholders to monitor...
EU response to women and armed conflict
A. Sherriff; K. Barnes / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2008
Women’s multiple and diverse roles in conflict are hidden, poorly understood and, at times, consciously or unconsciously dismissed. Women are usually perceived as victims and analysis tends to examine exclusively  this idea. This...
Analysis of the EPAs for Africa in 2008
C. Stevens; M. Meyn; J. Kennon / European Centre for Development Policy Management 2008
The start of 2008 marked the end of over 30 years of Lomé/Cotonou preferences, and yet most ACP countries did not lose their privileged access to European markets. This report, prepared by the Overseas Development Institute (OD...
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