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Governance assessments

This Key Issues Guide was produced in partnership with the Governance Assessment Library of publications for the UNDP’s Governance Assessment Portal.

The Guide offers access to publications produced by experts, institutions and organisations that work in the field of governance assessments and provides practical information about how to address issues related to assessments, drawing upon evidence about what works, and identifying innovations in approaches, policy and practice.

The Key Issues Guide has four major sections:


How to assess democratic governance  

How to define and select indicators for measurement, collect data and use indicators for evidence-based policy making? This section provides access to current thinking on these issues with relevant and up to date resources and publications for researchers, practitioners, and policy formers, organised in a “how to” format. More... 


Country Initiatives

There is a demand from countries for technical assistance and knowledge on governance assessments. This section brings together initiatives by different countries in measuring governance. It aims to present different strategies and approaches adopted to learn lessons and to help develop a shared framework and agenda for action. More...


Regional Initiatives

This section presents the regional initiatives of assessing governance that provides comparative data and helps in identifying potential trajectories of countries within specific regions. More...



Global initiatives

There is wide variety of governance assessment being pursued by different international agencies including aid donors, civil society organisations, and research institutes, bi-lateral and multi-lateral institutions. This section brings together global initiatives of governance assessments that are being carried out by a multitude of international organisations. More...


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