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Country initiatives

A wide variety of governance assessments and initiatives are increasingly being pursued by national actors, in addition to different international agencies. There is a demand from countries for technical assistance and knowledge on governance assessments. This section brings together cases of measuring initiatives of democratic governance as a whole or with regard to specific areas of governance for a specific country.

Latest Documents

Public procurement in Bangladesh: an analysis
S. Mahmood (ed) / Academic Journals 2010
Public procurement has been a neglected area of academic research yet it is a major function of government. Policy makers, professionals and academics are aware of the importance of public procurement in facilitating government operat...
How can the security sector in Honduras be best supported?
J. Sch√ľnemann (ed) / Fride 2010
The citizens of Honduras have been plagued with insecurity since the 2009 coup d’état which brought to the fore a sustained crisis of security and legitimacy making the political equilibrium very fragile. Levels of v...
How can country-led democratic governance assessments be best supported?
United Nations Development Programme 2009
Governance assessments have been an increasing priority for donors and national development partners alike, especially in the last five years. Country-led democratic governance assessments help to foster inclusive participation, ...
Assessing Bolivia's representative, participatory and communitarian democracy
A. Schilling-Vacaflor (ed) / German Institute of Global and Area Studies 2010
Over the past two decades, Latin American countries have adopted new constitutions in a wave of constitutional change. Bolivia’s new constitution defines the country as a representative, participatory and communitarian democracy...
Setting the agenda: more power to the President?
L.A. Schwindt-Bayer / The Kellogg Institute 2010
Presidents around the world have access to a wide range of legislative powers—veto power, decree power, and exclusive bill introduction powers. However, an important but often overlooked power is the ability to control the legis...

Governance Assessment Portal

Governance indicators produced by national stakeholders may stand a better chance of being used by national stakeholders than indicators produced externally. The data produced by the initiatives in this database may assist national stakeholders to improve on governance and to hold governments to account. More...