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Regional initiatives

Parallel to global and country level initiatives for governance assessments, several organisations such as AfriMap, APRM, NEPAD and Mo Ibrahim foundation are involved in assessing governance at regional level. This section brings together governance measurements in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific and Arab States.

Latest Documents

Decentralization of governance and financing of public roads in the Philippines in the 1990s
J Olsson / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
The main purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate recent practices in Philippine transport infrastructure policies, with emphasis on market-oriented policies and decentralized governance. The researchers in this paper ...
Going back to the drawing board: linking Pan Africanism to Beijing +20
T Muropa 2015
In this article published by FEMNET, Tafadzwa Muropa, a gender activist and political economist, briefly compares the 8th Pan African Congress in Ghana with the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59) in New York...
Regional integration in Africa: a study on the East African community
K. Khanna / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2013
As economic growth continues to slump around the world, it has become imperative for developing nations such as India to seek to strengthen partnerships with African nations. There is a growing consensus that Africa is the last r...
The Afghanistan factor in India's approach to central Asia
A Bhatnagar / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2014
Over the past decade, India has stepped up its efforts to reach out to the Central Asian Republics (CARs). New Delhi's approach to the region has been shaped, in part, by its interests in Afghanistan. Given the geographical location o...
Post-election challenges for the new government in Kabul
A Bhatnagar / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2014
With a new President (Ashraf Ghani) finally in place in Kabul, attention can shift from the protracted electoral process to the challenges likely to confront the new government. The ability of this government to deal with various poli...
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Governance Assessment Portal

Often countries within the same region face similar governance challenges and opportunities. Governance assessments that take regional dimensions into account may sometimes provide more insight and better evaluations, depending on the measuring needs. More...

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