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Urban governance

The need for strong and robust development programming to address the many challenges that face growing urban contexts. Includes water and sanitation, crime and security, housing and urban planning.

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Ageing and the city: making urban spaces work for older people
HelpAge International 2016
Today, more than half of the world’s population live in cities, with this proportion set to rise to two-thirds by 2050. The global population is also ageing rapidly, with the numbers of people aged over 60 set to pass the...
Peri-urban water security: an agenda for water governance
Water Security in Peri-Urban South Asia 2013
Water governance needs to mainstream peri­-urban water security.  As cities grow, policy makers and planners focus onmeeting the needs of  urban populations. This happens at the expense of the peri-urban and the rural. F...
Accessibility, transportation cost and regional growth: a case study for Egypt
D. Elshahawany; E.A. Haddad; M.L. Lahr / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2016
The potential ability of transport infrastructure investments to produce transport benefits depends on the travel time reductions and accessibility. In this paper, the authors use an interregional computable general equilibrium (CGE) ...
Integrated Urban Development Framework and Implementation Plan
Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs, Government of South Africa 2016
In 2009, the number of people living in urban areas surpassed the number living in rural areas, announcing the 21st century as the urban century. The world’s attention is on the pivotal role of cities and identifying  altern...
The challenge of creating inclusive cities
R. Khosla / Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi 2016
Cities across the globe are becoming increasingly unequal, and the gap is widening between the rich and the poor in terms of incomes, and access to services, opportunities, and State institutions. As economic growth does not alwa...
Mega-events and megaprojects
A. Varrel; L. Kennedy 2011
Mega-events are events with a global audience. They vary in type and organization, but the focus here is on those that have an itinerant character, occurring regularly in different places, and are awarded through a bidding process. Th...
Governance and urban development: case study of Metro Manila
R.G. Manasan; R.G. Mercado / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 1999
This paper explains the evolution of the metropolitan organizations that have been established to oversee the development of Metro Manila, provides a survey of their responsibilities, authorities, organizational structure, financing, ...
A Study of Housing Subsidies in the Philippines
G.M. Llanto; A.C. Orbeta; M.T.C. Sanchez; M.C.G. Tang / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 1998
The government of the Philippines has estimated big amount of money for building new housing units and renovation/upgrading of old housing units for the 1993-1998. The rapid formation of new households has contributed to an acute dema...
Local efforts in housing provision
A.C. Sayos; R.Q. Quisao; R.G. Manasan / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 1998
From the provision of the Local Government Code, various LGUs have provided the housing requirements of the less-privileged sectors. This paper presents an overview of the existing knowledge and policy experience in local housing inno...
Land use planning in Metro Manila and the urban fringe: implications on the land and real estate market
M. Magno-Ballesteros / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2000
This paper examines land use planning in Metro Manila and the urban fringe and analyses its effect on transactions in the urban land and real estate market. The analysis begins with a historical review of land use planning stra...
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