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Global health

This guide aims to provide access to relevant, diverse and credible research on global health in developing countries. It aims to inform dialogue and the sharing of good practice by policy actors and decision makers globally around issues such as: social determinants of health; health systems; infectious diseases; NCDs; HIV and Aids; injury and violence; maternal, newborn and child health; and nutrition.
Global health meets genomics: inequalities and politics
Medical lab technician
A. Loke / Panos Pictures
Scientific advances in the understanding of genetics and genomics have the potential to generate major improvements for human health in the near future. However, from a global health perspective, the translation of this technology into new medical treatments raises profound international and local issues around inequality, identity and insecurity. Melissa Leach - Director at the Institute of Development Studies, Gemma Buckland-Merrett - Research Fellow at the University of Susssex Centre for Global Health Policy, and Leah Murphy - Eldis Global Health Editor, provide some reflections on the interplay between advances in the areas of genomics and global health.

Latest Documents

Youth and abortion: key strategies and promising practices for increasing young women's access to abortion services
International Planned Parenthood Federation, 2014
Abortion is often portrayed in a one-dimensional way, primarily focusing on abortions of unwanted pregnancies. But abortion also affects education, professional careers and family life. This document is based on the findings of the ev...
Unintended Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion in the Philippines: Context and Consequences
Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2013
How can reproductive health services improve in the Philippines? Although the government has enhanced access to contraceptive services, abortion is still illegal under all circumstances and about 1000 women die each year from complica...
Linking Poverty, Food Sovereignty And Security, And Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights
Why must Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) be a priority for the Post-2015 Development Agenda? SRHR is interlinked with areas such as gender, health, education and the environment and only if SRHR is considered for rele...
20 Years after Cairo: Women: Continue to reproduce but never mind about Sexuality
Realising Sexual and Reproductive Justice, 2014
What have been the achievements and challenges for sexual and reproductive health since the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo? This document lists the expectations of Realizing Sexual and Reproduct...
Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference (APPC) outcome document
Association for Women's Rights in Development, 2013
The sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference (APPC) was held in Bangkok in September 2013. This outcome document sets out a set of policy directions and priority actions agreed by the states assembled at the conference. The docum...
CPD 45th session. Theme: Adolescents and Youth. Analysis by Realising Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ), the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), and Amnesty International (AI)
Realising Sexual and Reproductive Justice, 2012
This briefing paper provides an analysis of the process and outcomes of the UN Commission on Population and Development (CPD) in 2012, which focused on adolescents and youth. It outlines some background information to the event, then ...
Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion in Burkina Faso: Causes and Consequences
Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2014
What are the numbers and circumstances of induced abortions and what are the consequences of unsafe abortions in Burkina Faso? This document provides estimates of the number and rate of induced abortions that occurred in Burkina Faso ...
Abortion Laws and Sexual Violence
Center for Reproductive Rights, 2013
When sexual violence results in pregnancy, women and girls must often face the risk of unsafe abortions and suffer severe mental and physical traumas in countries with restrictive abortion laws. This briefing paper from the Center for...
Health in the post-2015 Development Framework: How to meet the needs of the most marginalized and excluded
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2014
What will be the global vision for health after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? The International HIV/AIDS Alliance has engaged in the post-2015 consultations and civil society discussions to determine this vision. This polic...
Improving basic services for the bottom forty percent - lessons from Ethiopia
World Bank, 2014
Ethiopia, like most developing countries, has opted to deliver services such as basic education, primary health care, agricultural extension advice, water, and rural roads through a highly decentralised system. That choice is based on...
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A scientific diagram of the circulatory system, painted on a wall in Dubangat Momicha government-run secondary school, in Ethiopia. The mural indicates the main arteries and veins of the heart.

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