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Health systems

Analysis of the key components of a well functioning health system, including: health promotion; access to medicines; health systems financing; health service delivery; governance and health; and human resources for health.
Innovation in malaria surveillance in Cambodia
Man with mobile phone
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
A diverse set of tools - a mix of routine reporting systems using eHealth and mobile phone-based (mHealth) solutions - were developed in Cambodia to improve malaria surveillance and to provide the information needed by national and district staff to manage the national malaria programme, respond to malaria outbreaks and individual cases and monitor in real-time the levels of critical malaria supplies at health facilities.

Latest Documents

Implementing the Basic Health Care Provision Fund in Nigeria: A framework for accountability and good governance
B Uzochukwu; O Onwujekwe; C Mbachu / Resilient and Responsive Health Systems, 2015
The new National Health Act in Nigeria aims to substantially increase revenue and improve Primary Health Care (PHC) services through the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF). In order for this additional revenue to reach PHC ...
Raising domestic resources for health: can tax revenue help fund Universal Health Coverage?
Resilient and Responsive Health Systems, 2015
For countries that aspire to achieve the goal of Universal Health Coverage, the question of how to increase funding for health is of fundamental importance. One way of increasing revenue is through improved tax collection and lar...
End of project evaluation of the Capacity Building Within Health Care : Somaliland
P. Memiah / Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD, 2015
Capacity Building within Healthcare (CBH) is a project implemented in Somaliland by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) operating under the local name Nooleynta Naruurada Mustaqbalka (NNM). The project has been piloted since 2008/9 i...
Tracking Investments in Nutrition in Africa
C. Picanyol; S. Horton; A. Chautala / Oxford Policy Management, 2015
There is considerable interest in greater transparency and accountability for aid expenditures. One result of this is that countries receiving external assistance have been encouraged to put effort into tracking spending. Ef...
Analysis of costs and financing of the routine immunization program and new vaccine introduction in the Republic of Moldova
G. Gotsadze; K. Goguadze; I. Chikovani; D. Maceira / Curatio International Foundation, 2013
In Moldova, all primary health care facilities immunization are delivered as a fixed strategy though no outreach activities are being carried out. The study finds that Family Medicine Centres (FMCs) serve a population ranging from 40,...
Mental health care in Georgia
Curatio International Foundation, 2014
In 2014, Curatio International Foundation conducted a study on financial barriers of the mental health system. The study employed qualitative research methods as well as literature review and secondary data analysis. The study was car...
20 years of health care
Curatio International Foundation, 2014
After the end of the Soviet system and the beginning of the 1990s, the health systems of the former Republics of the Soviet Union continuously deteriorated over two decades, and Georgia was no exception. At the same time other new cha...
Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) country case studies synthesis: Cambodia, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia
N. Druce / DFID Health Resource Centre (HRC), 2006
Secure and sustained access to quality and affordable commodity supplies is a critical driver of reproductive and sexual health,as it is for child health and communicable disease treatment and prevention. Improved access to these comm...
International experiences in removing user fees for health services: implications for Mozambique
R. Yates / DFID Health Resource Centre (HRC), 2006
This report considers if user fees for health services should be removed and reviews the experiences of countries that have gone down this route. It also provides an overview of the history of ‘user fee’ implementation in ...
Developing new technologies to address neglected diseases: the role of Product Development Partnerships and Advanced Market Commitments - Developing-new-technologies-to-address-neglected-diseases.pdf
C. Grace / DFID Health Resource Centre (HRC), 2006
This paper focuses on the complementary roles of Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) and Advanced Market Commitments (AMCs), as mechanisms to incentivise industry towards the development of health technologies for neglected diseas...
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A scientific diagram of the circulatory system, painted on a wall in Dubangat Momicha government-run secondary school, in Ethiopia. The mural indicates the main arteries and veins of the heart.

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