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Health service delivery

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Mental health action plan 2013 - 2020
World Health Organization, 2013
This report recognises the essential role of mental health in achieving health for all people. It is based on a life-course approach, aims to achieve equity through universal health coverage and stresses the importance of preve...
The importance of mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals
N. Votruba; G. Thornicroft / British Journal of Psychiatry, 2015
This paper argues that, in the context of a growing burden of disease due to mental disorders and psychosocial disabilities, there needs to be the inclusion of a clear mental health target and indicators in the Sustainable Development...
We can also make change: piloting participatory research with persons with disabilities and older people in Bangladesh
HelpAge International, 2015
The aim of the research presented in this report was to understand better the experiences of social, political and economic exclusion of persons with disabilities and older people in Bangladesh from their own perspectives. A...
Factors associated with appropriate home management of uncomplicated malaria in children in Kassena-Nankana district of Ghana and implications for community case management of childhood illness: a cross-sectional study
S. Ameh; P. Welaga; C. Kabiru / African Population and Health Research Center, Nairobi, Kenya, 2015
Home management of uncomplicated malaria (HMM) is now integrated into the community case management of childhood illness (CCM), an approach that requires parasitological diagnosis before treatment. The success of CCM in resource-const...
Environmental screening note for the proposed hospital development on Tristan da Cunha
V. Di bella / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This environmental screening note documents the findings of an environmental screening mission undertaken in September 2013 on behalf of DFID. The field work has been undertaken by an environmental specialist already engaged by the TD...
Implementing the Basic Health Care Provision Fund in Nigeria: A framework for accountability and good governance
B Uzochukwu; O Onwujekwe; C Mbachu / Resilient and Responsive Health Systems, 2015
The new National Health Act in Nigeria aims to substantially increase revenue and improve Primary Health Care (PHC) services through the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF). In order for this additional revenue to reach PHC ...
Raising domestic resources for health: can tax revenue help fund Universal Health Coverage?
Resilient and Responsive Health Systems, 2015
For countries that aspire to achieve the goal of Universal Health Coverage, the question of how to increase funding for health is of fundamental importance. One way of increasing revenue is through improved tax collection and lar...
End of project evaluation of the Capacity Building Within Health Care : Somaliland
P. Memiah / Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - NORAD, 2015
Capacity Building within Healthcare (CBH) is a project implemented in Somaliland by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) operating under the local name Nooleynta Naruurada Mustaqbalka (NNM). The project has been piloted since 2008/9 i...
Analysis of costs and financing of the routine immunization program and new vaccine introduction in the Republic of Moldova
G. Gotsadze; K. Goguadze; I. Chikovani; D. Maceira / Curatio International Foundation, 2013
In Moldova, all primary health care facilities immunization are delivered as a fixed strategy though no outreach activities are being carried out. The study finds that Family Medicine Centres (FMCs) serve a population ranging from 40,...
Mental health care in Georgia
Curatio International Foundation, 2014
In 2014, Curatio International Foundation conducted a study on financial barriers of the mental health system. The study employed qualitative research methods as well as literature review and secondary data analysis. The study was car...
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A scientific diagram of the circulatory system, painted on a wall in Dubangat Momicha government-run secondary school, in Ethiopia. The mural indicates the main arteries and veins of the heart.

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