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This guide highlights the latest global research, policy and practice in the field of ICT4D – particularly work which originates from the developing world. Its primary target audience is researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the ICT4D sector.
Improving agriculture and nutrition with open data
Field of crops
J. Banning / Panos Pictures

How can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data? In this discussion paper, the Open Data Institute highlight examples of how open data is being used in different agriculture and nutrition contexts to enable more efficient and effective decision making, foster innovation and drive organisational change.

Latest Documents

An empirical analysis of demand for mobile services in Turkey
H. Öğüt; A. Cezar; M. Güven / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2015
This paper investigates the factors influencing the demand for mobile voice services in Turkey using firm level data that spans from January 2009 to December 2013. Competition in the mobile telecommunication market in Turkey has becom...
ICTs for Feminist Movement Building Activist Toolkit
Just Associates (JASS), 2015
This toolkit draws on the experience and contexts of women activists in southern Africa and beyond. While it focuses on women’s rights activists, anyone who is part of a movement for social change will find it useful. The ...
A ‘Third Umpire’ for policing in South Africa: applying body cameras in the Western Cape
Igarape Institute, 2015
Technological innovations are having a profound effect on the form and content of policing. But what are the possibilities for the use of these new technologies for improving law enforcement in the global South? A new initiative led b...
ICTs for agriculture in Africa
World Bank, 2014
The strategic application of ICT to the agricultural industry, the largest economic sector in most African countries, offers the best opportunity for economic growth and poverty alleviation on the continent. Food security is paramount...
Releasing children’s potential and minimizing risks: ICTs, the Internet and violence against children
United Nations Children's Fund, 2014
The challenge of creating a safe online environment for children lies in developing a range of responses that strike the appropriate balance between maximising the potential of ICTs to promote and protect children’s rights while...
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