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This guide highlights the latest global research, policy and practice in the field of ICT4D – particularly work which originates from the developing world. Its primary target audience is researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the ICT4D sector.
The internet: who's in and who's out
Bridge at night
C. Stowers / Panos Pictures

1st August 2014 marks 15 years since Eldis first registered its internet domain name So how has the internet changed over that 15 year period and who have been the winners and losers as a result? This timeline uses International Telecommunication Union statistics and other research to highlight some the key developments in global internet use and looks at how the world has changed since that day in August 1999.

Latest Documents

Fostering a digitally inclusive aging society in China: the potential of public libraries
World Bank, 2014
China faces policy challenges related to the well-being of its ageing population. What distinguishes it is that rapid population ageing is occurring at a significantly lower income level than in comparable countries. Further, the coun...
Shooting our hard drive into space and other ways to practise responsible development data
K. Antin; R. Byrne; T. Geber; S. van Geffen; J. Hoffmann; M. Jayaram; M. Khan; T. Lee; F. Weinberg; C. Wilson; B. Rühling; Z. Rahman; C. Simeoni 2014
This book is offered as a first attempt to understand what responsible data means in the context of international development programming. It takes a broad view of development and also anticipates that some of the methods and lessons ...
Young people and the digital divide in Egypt: an empirical study
M.F. Badran / Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2013
Digital divide is a new phenomenon emerging with the development of the information and communication technologies (ICTs). The digital divide can be defined as the gap between those with a permanent, effective access to new ICTs and t...
Regional cooperation for infrastructure development: towards an institutional framework for investment in the IOR - ARC
S.K. Mohanty; P. Dash / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2013
Infrastructure plays a key role in promoting economic growth and development. Infrastructure is considered as a priority sector for investment in the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC). Due to low domestic...
How can government increase R&D activities in the Philippines?
K..G. Gonzales; J.T. Yap / Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2011
Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) collaborated with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the last quarter of 2009 to undertake a study focusing on the identification of factors that drive multinational ...
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