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Produced in partnership with CSDMS, India this guide highlights the latest global research, policy and practice in the field of ICT4D – particularly work which originates from the developing world. Its primary target audience is researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the ICT4D sector.
Making All Voices Count - Call for Proposals
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Making All Voices Count is a global initiative that aims to create more awareness around the underlying problems and challenges surrounding citizen/government engagement, by supporting innovation, scaling-up, and research to deepen already existing innovations and by helping to harness new technologies.

Making All Voices Count plans to create resources and tools to enable citizens to give feedback on government performance, give stronger incentives for, and greater capacity within, governments to respond to citizens’ feedback, and provide the capacity for citizens to engage with government to improve their policies and service.

The Call is now open until 8th November 2013.

Latest Documents

South-south technology transfer: criteria for evaluation of public policies in the BRICS countries
BRICS Policy Center / Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas BRICS, 2013
This Policy Brief reviews the existing literature concerned with analytical and conceptual models to evaluate technology transfer (TT) practices in cooperation projects, aiming at contributing to the formulation of effective public po...
A fine balance: mapping cyber (in)security in Latin America
G. Diniz; R. Muggah / Igarape Institute, 2012
Cyber-security is emerging as a dominant area of concern amongst many governments and civil societies across Latin America. Although the existence of cyberspace is already generating a massive evolution in all aspects of life, it is e...
New technologies for improving old public security challenges in Nairobi
M. Frilander; J. Lundine; D. Kutalek / Igarape Institute, 2014
This paper maps out the digital environment shaping public security in selected informal settlements of Nairobi. In particular, the paper considers the diverse ways in which information communication technologies (ICTs) are being adop...
Catching the virtual bus: ICT for augmenting rural livelihoods
A. Pastakia; S. Oza / Development Support Center, 2011
Whereas plenty of literature is available on the technical aspects of watershed development and other livelihood strategies in India, not much has been written on the institutional aspects, entrepreneurial strategies or the role of IC...
Revolutionising finance for agri-value chains
I. Boto; L. Rutten / Small Island Economies - CTA Brussels, 2014
It is estimated that only 20% of populations in most developing countries have access to formal financial services, and in Africa only 4% of the total population have a bank account while only 1% of Africans have a loan or credit faci...
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