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This guide highlights the latest global research, policy and practice in the field of ICT4D – particularly work which originates from the developing world. Its primary target audience is researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in the ICT4D sector.
Improving agriculture and nutrition with open data
Field of crops
J. Banning / Panos Pictures

How can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data? In this discussion paper, the Open Data Institute highlight examples of how open data is being used in different agriculture and nutrition contexts to enable more efficient and effective decision making, foster innovation and drive organisational change.

Latest Documents

Data For Development: An Action Plan
Sustainable Development Solutions Network, 2015
The Data Revolution for Sustainable Development is poised to transform the way governments, citizens, and companies do business. The revolution is being defined by the explosion in availability of data resources and rapidly evolving t...
Data Revolutions: How information becomes impact
B. Vaitla; C. Van Horn; J. Van Horn; C. Wells 2015
This report summarizes the lessons learned from the Data Impacts project, which explores success stories of the ongoing Data Revolution. The case studies chosen span the themes of health, agriculture and environment, cities, and human...
Democratising the Data Revolution: A Discussion Paper
J. Gray 2015
This new discussion paper from Open Knowledge is intended to advance thinking and action around civil society engagement with the data revolution. It looks beyond the disclosure of existing information, towards more ambiti...
Open Data intermediaries in developing countries
F. van Schalkwyk; M. Ca┼łares; S. Chattapadhyay; A. Andrason 2015
The roles of intermediaries in open data is insufficiently explored; open data intermediaries are often presented as single and simple linkages between open data supply and use. This synthesis research paper offers a more socia...
Access, equity and inclusion: ethical norms and S&T policy outcomes
S. Chaturvedi,; K.R. Srinivas / Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2015
India embarked upon utilising Science and Technology (S&T) for national development in a big way with the formulation of the First Five Year Plan. Since then S&T has been at the core of India’s development discourse and ...
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