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Manuals and toolkits

Training materials, curriculum design, course materials, details of training providers and projects, capacity development toolkits by government bodies, vocational training institutes, e-Commerce information and networks etc.

Latest Documents

The hand-book of the modern development specialist: being a complete illustrated guide to responsible data usage, manners & general deportment
Responsible Data Forum 2016
This book is offered as a first attempt to understand what responsible data means  in the context of international development programming. The authors have taken a broad view of development, opting not to be prescriptive...
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Information and Communication Technologies - A Practical Guide
United Nations [UN] Conference on Trade and Development 2014
The promotion of micro and small-scale enterprises (MSEs) has been recognised as an important strategy for advancing the economic empowerment of women, while reducing poverty and gender inequality. This guide has been designed to prov...
Annotated bibliography of e-platforms used in participatory and peer to peer exchange and learning
T. Loewenson / EQUINET: Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa 2014
Visual and information technologies are now more diversified and widely accessible. Digital images and mapping enhance access and exchange on local realities; social media (blogs, tweets and others) provide new methods for communicati...
Transformational Value of ICTs in Teacher Education: Learnings from India
R. Kondapalli 2013
This paper focuses on the success stories of Indian Teacher Education Institutions in ICT application, integration and use for and in the teacher training programmes, on issues and challenges associated with use of ICT in enhancing te...
ICTs for Education: A Reference Handbook
W. D. Haddad 2013
The purpose of ICTs for Education: A Reference Handbook is to provide decision makers, planners, and practitioners with a summary of what is known about the potential and conditions of effective use of ICTs for education and learning ...
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