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Communications and development: a practical guide
A. Burke / Department for International Development, UK 1999
Practical guide to use of communications media in development programmes (written with DFID programmes in mind). Issues covered are Why communication is important Guide to implement development communication p...
Handbook on donor assistance for elections
Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID 2000
Practical manual aiming to help development agency field officers anticipate and effectively deal with the myriad issues and challenges that arise as they design and manage election assistance programs in transitional environments. It...
Measuring household food consumption: a technical guide
A. Swindale; P. Ohri-Vachaspati / Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Project 2005
This guide was developed to systematise information on monitoring and evaluating impacts of food security and household nutrition project interventions. The guide describes the process and procedures for collecting information to asse...
Reducing carbon dioxide through better forest management
R.M. Clausen; H.L. Gholz / Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID 2001
This manual is written as briefing for USAID natural resource and environmental program officers, as well as for their host-country counterparts and other colleagues working on issues related to forestry. The report has two mai...
A practical guide to expanding remote electrification opportunities
A.C. Jimenez; T. Lawand / US Agency for International Development 2000
Guide aimed at helping decision-makers in rural areas with the responsibility for schools to accurately assess a school's energy need, evaluate appropriate and cost effective technologies to meet those needs, and to implement an effec...
A practical guide to realising the mutually beneficial relationship between micro-enterprise, micro-finance and renewable energy
A. Allderdice; J.H. Rogers / US Agency for International Development 2000
The guide is targeted at microfinance institutions (MFIs) and microenterprise support organisations that are interested in inproving the profitability of their members microenterprises through renewable energy (RE) technologies. RE su...
Does Participatory Poverty Assessment improve the effectiveness of poverty reduction policy?
A. Norton / Overseas Development Institute 2001
This article takes a critical look at participatory poverty assessment (PPA) as a methodology and investigates the use of this methodology in various case-studies. The article: summarises key findings from recent...
PRSPs do not focus on implementation processes and intermediate project outputs sufficiently
D. Booth / Overseas Development Institute 2001
This report reflects the first stage of a desk study of good practice in the development of PRSP indicators and monitoring systems. The article focuses on five main areas that are of potential importance in PRSP monitoring: ...
How can participatory approaches improve the practice of veterinary epidemiology?
A. Catley; J. Mariner / International Institute for Environment and Development 2001
This paper provides an overview of recent experiences with the use of participatory approaches and methods to understand livestock diseases in pastoral areas. These experiences include the emergence of participatory epidemiology as a ...
Recording and using indigenous knowledge: A manual
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction 1999
Indigenous knowledge (IK) is a valuable resource for development. Under certain circumstances it can be equal to or even be superior to the know- how introduced by outsiders. Development efforts should therefore consider IK and use it...
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The group enterprise book: A practical guide for Group Promoters to assist groups in setting up and running successful small enterprises
People's Participation, FAO SD Dimensions 1998
Book shows in simple illustrated steps how small enterprises can be developed and run by small groups in rural communities using a participative approach. It is intended for use by Group Promoters (or GPs), extension workers and other...
A field methodology for participatory self-evaluation ofPeople's Participation Programme (PPP) group and inter-group association performance
N. Uphoff / People's Participation, FAO SD Dimensions 1989
Manual for group Promoters to assist PPP groups in creating their own participatory self-evaluation capability. Identifies both problems that some groups are having and successes that various groups are achieving. These problems and s...
Capacity Development Resource Book
Management & Governance Network, UNDP 1997
Collection of papers/reports from UNDP programmes on methodology for capacity development and institutional strengthening. Includes: training manual for developing capacities for effective governance. With traine...
Handbook for Emergency Field Operations
World Health Organization 1999
Management and reference tool designed with field conditions in mind, following a logical sequence of events: from preparation for a field assignment, to operating in the field, through to departure.
Microfinance in Post-Conflict Situations:Towards Guiding Principles for Action
G. Nagarajan / Enterprise and Cooperative Development Department, Social Finance Unit, ILO 1999
Offers a framework for implementing microfinance activities in post-conflict situations, given the pre and post-conflict environment. The decisions of stakeholders are guided by their understanding of the situation that shape their ob...
Capacity assessment and development in a systems and strategic management context
Management & Governance Network, UNDP 2000
These guidelines are designed to help organisations assess and develop the capacities needed for sustainable change. Designed as a suuplement to more methodologically focused manuals/training. They combine lessons from private ...
Five assessment tools that practitioners can use to gather information about their programs - and step by step instructions for using them
Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services, USAID 2000
The manual was developed by the SEEP Network. It was developed by and for practitioners and, as such, responds to the particular needs and challenges they face in determining how their programs and services are affecting clients. ...
Community Initiatives in Urban Infrastructure
A.P. Cotton; M. Sohail; W.K. Tayler / Water Engineering and Development Centre 1998
The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance for promoting increased involvement of low income urban communities in the procurement of neighbourhood (tertiary level) infrastructure. The contexts are several and varied including: ...
What is dissemination? Why is it important? How do you choose a dissemination strategy?
D. Saywell; A. Cotton / Water Engineering and Development Centre 1999
Review of literature and case studies on research dissemination methdods and their impact, with recommendations for researchers and for commisioners of research Recommendations include: Plan and integrate a disse...
The Economic Valuation of Mangroves: A Manual for Researchers
C. Bann / IDRC Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia 1998
Main components of this Manual are: an introduction to the values of, and threats to, mangrove ecosystems; a theoretical introduction to valuation of the environment; a methodology for the economic assessment of mangrove management op...
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Inside Story
Inside Story is a 98-minute African film that tells the story of the science of HIV transmission by combining the story of a rising soccer star with an animated journey of HIV infection through the human body. The film follows the life experiences, relationships, and career of Kalu Kaminju as he comes to terms with his HIV status. The film (available in English, French, Portuguese,...
Non-profit Network
The Non-profit Network is an online resource centre for nonprofits, particularly those based in South Africa, on using the web and social media for advocacy, rights education and fundraising.
Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) Working Group (GRADE)
The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) Working Group began in the year 2000 as an informal collaboration of people with an interest in addressing the shortcomings of present grading systems in health care. The working group has developed a common, sensible and transparent approach to grading quality of evidence and strength of recommendations. The...
Research Excellence Framework (REF)
The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the new system for assessing the quality of research in UK higher education institutions (HEIs). It will replace the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and will be completed in 2014. The REF will be undertaken by the four UK higher education funding bodies. The exercise will be managed by the REF team based at HEFCE and overseen by the REF Stee...
BetterEvaluation is an international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing information about options (methods or tools) and approaches. It offers online tools and materials  organised into tasks: Approaches, Themes and  Resources.
ARPN Journal of Science and Technology
Journal of Science and Technology is an international, open-access journal that publishes research intensive articles and scientific manuscripts and survey based contributions focusing all aspects of science and Technology. The objective of this journal is to bring together research fellows from academia and professional practitioners from industry to enlighten the latest topics of interest and bu...
Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies
Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) formerly known as Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions, is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), located at Noida, near India’s capital city of New Delhi. CSDMS is committed to advocacy and developing solutions for under-privileged societies through the use of innovative and effective Information and Commun...
Sustainable Community Development Services (SCODE)
SCODE is a national NGO  whose aim is to enable people in Kenya especially the poor, to improve their quality of life by adopting technologies and approaches that are environmental friendly and contribute towards sustainable development.
Women and Children First (UK)
Advocacy and research organisation working to improve maternal and newborn health.
Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS)
The Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) is a government institution mandated to provide strategic leadership and to coordinate and strengthen efforts of all stakeholders involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
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