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The rise of the environmental refugee: nightmare in the making?
Stephen Castles / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
Is environmental degradation set to create new waves of displaced people seeking asylum in the north? Will refugee camps and shantytowns foster civil disorder, pandemics and political extremism to threaten the interests of the develop...
Victims of progress: resettling people displaced by development
David Turton; Chris de Wet / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
Infrastructure development projects annually displace over ten million people. Dams, mines, urban renewal projects, water and sewage pipelines, roads and railways all lead to the loss of residence and livelihoods. Do the resettlement ...
Displaced priorities? The Three Gorges resettlement programme
Shawn Steil; Duan Yuefang / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
The Three Gorges Project on China’s Yangtze River is as controversial as it is massive. The largest development-induced displacement project in the world, it will see the resettlement of 1.2 million people by 2009. What recent p...
Rights for the world's evicted. Are development projects harming people they're meant to help?
Theodore E. Downing / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
In the current decade, 10 million people a year have been displaced (forced to move) by development projects intended to improve their lives. The evidence is clear that such displacement, caused by large-scale dam, infrastructure and ...
Palestinian livelihoods in Egypt
Oroub Al Abed / id21 Development Research Reporting Service 2002
Palestinians, numbering over eight million around the world, are known among other diaspora communities for their ability to sustain their livelihoods. Palestinians in Egypt are currently employed in a wide range of professions, among...
Dynamics of North East to South East migration (and vice versa) in Brazil
N.M. Fiess; D. Verner / World Bank 2003
This paper bases its arguments around the dynamics of Migration in Brazil, which historically, has been a mechanism for adjustment to disequilibria. The authors profiles migrants from the North East and South East of Brazil, and draws...
How pervasive is the brain drain from labour-exporting countries?
R.H. Adams / World Bank 2003
This paper constructs a new data set of 24 large, labour-exporting countries using estimates of migration and educational attainment based on United States and OECD records. The paper uses this new data set to provide some pers...
Rural -urban linkages and poverty in Africa
C. Tacoli / International Institute for Environment and Development 2002
This paper argues that trends in flows of people, goods, money and information, and patterns of occupational diversification reflect a dynamic process of economic, social and cultural transformation in Sub Saharan Africa which needs t...
Population mobility and HIV/AIDS in Indonesia
G. Hugo / UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development 2001
The aim of this study is to use existing information to provide a comprehensive picture of the levels, patterns, composition and trends of the various types of contemporary population mobility occurring within Indonesia, as well as fr...
Sustainble livelihoods: the importance of flexible credit for new small enterprises
R. Chambers; G. Conway / Institute of Development Studies UK 1991
Working on the premise that in the 21st century there may be two or three times the human population than at the time of writing, this paper explores the concept of sustainable livelihoods. The analysis points to priorities for policy...
Items 851 to 860 of 876

Items 851 to 851 of 851

The contributions of migration for poor households 
A. Haan / Department for International Development, UK 2000
Aims to inform development policy debates with an improved understanding of migration. The paper starts from the idea that these debates pay too little attention to the contribution of migration to poverty reduction: policies tend to ...
Items 851 to 851 of 851

Items 851 to 851 of 851

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