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Listening to women and girls diplaced to urban Afghanistan
S. Schmeidl; D. Tyler / Norwegian Refugee Council 2015
Growing numbers of internally displaced people (IDPs) live  in  informal  settlements  in  major  Afghan  urban  centres. Compared with other Afghans they are more likely to be non-literate, to ...
Lebanon poised at the brink
T. Gade / Norwegian Institute for International Affairs 2016
Gravely affected by the Syrian crisis, Lebanon has remained relatively stable against all odds â?? despite the influx of some 1.5 million Syrian refugees and an internal political crisis involving supporters of oppos- ing Syrian...
National action plan. Women, peace and security 2015-2018
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2015
The adoption of UN Security Council resolution 1325 in 2000 was a groundbreaking event. The resolution recognised the disproportionate impact of conflict on women, the need to protect women from violence during conflicts, and the vita...
Displaced women and homelessness
Norwegian Refugee Council 2016
This report identifies conflicts as a cause of homelessness. Displaced persons, by definition, have to abandon their homes. Many of them have been forced to leave because of targeted discrimination. ...
Women refugees in Lebanon and the consequences of limited legal status on their housing, land and property rights
Norwegian Refugee Council 2016
Understanding the situation for women refugees in particular, including the protection risks they face, is essential in order to develop and provide appropriate interventions taking their perspective and ...
The Importance of addressing housing, land and property (HLP) challenges in humanitarian response
International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies 2016
This paper was published by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to inform the round table talks on ‘the importance of housing, land and proper...
Pushed aside: displaced for "development" in India
Nadine Walicki; Marita Swain / Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre 2016
By providing a first-hand account of development projects and business activities that have caused displacement across India, this report documents and analyses the scale, process and impacts of this phenomenon. It contributes to the ...
Civilians’ survival strategies amid institutionalized insecurity and violence in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan
Guma Kunda Komey / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway 2016
The Nuba’s peripheral homeland of the Nuba Mountains, in southern Kordofan, is one of Sudan’s current killing fields, with high numbers of civilian casualties, of wounded and internally displaced persons, refugees, families,...
Climate variability, food production shocks, and violent conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
H. Buhaug / IOPscience 2015
Earlier research that reports a correlational pattern between climate anomalies and violent conflict routinely refers to drought-induced agricultural shocks and adverse economic spillover effects as a key causal mechanism linking the ...
Heat, light and power for refugees: Saving lives, reducing costs
G. Lahn; O. Grafham / Chatham House [Royal Institute of International Affairs], UK 2015
Displacement of people as a result of conflict is not a new phenomenon – but today it represents an unprecedented global challenge. The gap between the needs of growing numbers of displaced people and the resources and political...
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