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Our Nutrition Resource Guide provides access to relevant, diverse and credible research and resources on nutrition. It focuses on the causes and consequences of malnutrition; nutrition specific interventions; nutrition sensitive interventions; and the political economy of undernutrition. It aims to inform those seeking to bring critical perspectives from development to the heart of the debates on nutrition.
Road to Rio Summit, Nutrition for Growth

Dieter Telemans, Panos Pctures
The Nutrition for Growth Summit will take place on August 4 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the day before the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.

Titus Mung’ou, Clementina Ngina and Manaan Mumma, from Kenya’s Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA), write for Eldis on the commitments they hope Kenya will make on this occasion.

Latest Documents

Enabling and equipping women to improve nutrition
N. Mucha / Bread for the World 2016
Malnutrition during the 1,000 days between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday has irreversible physical, cognitive, and health consequences, reducing a person’s lifetime earning potential. For many countries with high r...
Empowering women and girls to improve nutrition: building a sisterhood of success
Scaling Up Nutrition 2016
As evidence has long suggested, gender inequality can be a cause as well as an effect of hunger and malnutrition. Not surprisingly, higher levels of gender discrimination are associated with higher levels of both acute and chr...
Demographics, societal aging, and meat consumption in China
AgEcon Search 2016
Drawn on the data collected by surveying 1,340 urban households from 6 cities in China, this paper estimates the impacts of demographic structure and population ageing on household meat consumption, by jointly considering meat consume...
Child Underweight, Land Productivity and Public Services: A District-Level Analysis for India
S.S. Vepa; B. Viswanathan; R. Parasar; R.V. Bhavani / Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia 2016
Though India’s rank has improved in the Global Hunger Index, contributed largely by the fall in the underweight rates for children, concerns of high level of undernutrition in predominantly agricultural pockets remain. This study...
Do boys eat better than girls in India?
Young Lives 2016
This paper examines gender inequalities in the quality of children’s diet, as defined by dietary diversity, among children growing up in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Dietary diversity is a fundamental aspect of good nutrition: a...
Parched prospects II: a revised long-term water supply and demand forecast for South Africa
S. Hedden / Institute for Security Studies 2016
It is likely that South Africa is overexploiting its water resources at the national level, as water withdrawals currently exceed reliable supply. using the international futures forecasting system, this paper forecasts that withdrawa...
Global dietary quality, undernutrition and non-communicable disease: a longitudinal modelling study
R. Green; J. Sutherland; A.D. Dangour / British Medical Journal 2016
This study aimed to determine the relationship between global dietary energy availability and dietary quality, and nutrition-related health outcome. It has demonstrated that by combining large, publicly available data sets, imp...
Financing and delivery of health and sanitation services through effective resource mobilization and inter-governmental coordination: A case study of Cotabato City
V.S. Pineda; M.L. Lim / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 1998
This paper is one of eight case studies in the health sector conducted under the project 'Population and Urbanization: Managing the Urbanization Process Under the decentralized Governance Framework' jointly undertaken by the Phil...
Results of an impact evaluation study on DepED's school-based feeding program
A.M.L. Tabunda; J.R.G. Albert; Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2016
The link between malnutrition and poor health among elementary school children and absenteeism, early dropout and poor classroom performance as well as the effectiveness of school-based nutrition and health interventions in improving ...
Agriculture and nutrition in India: mapping evidence to pathways
S. Kadiyala; J. Harris; D. Headey / Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2014
In India, progress against undernutrition has been slow. Given its importance for income generation, improving diets, care practices, and maternal health, the agriculture sector is widely regarded as playing an important role in accel...
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A woman cuts a vegetable for a customer at a market in Jaipur, India.
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