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Social protection and nutrition

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The State of Food and Agriculture 2015 - In Brief
Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Document Repository 2015
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on reducing poverty have been met by many countries, yet many others lag behind and the post-2015 challenge will be the full eradication of poverty and hunger. Many developing countries i...
Malnutrition in Bangladesh: Harnessing social protection for the most vulnerable
Save the Children Fund 2015
Policies and practice in Bangladesh need to have a greater focus on nutrition, at large scale and across different sectors, in order to accelerate progress on tackling the country’s substantial malnutrition burden of 41% stuntin...
Lesotho child grant programme and linking food security to social protection programme
J. Dewbre; S. Daidone; B. Davis / Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Document Repository 2015
This paper presents findings from an impact evaluation of a combination of two types of agricultural and social protection programmes: the Lesotho Child Grant Programme (CGP) and the FAO -Lesotho Linking Food Security to Social Protec...
Evaluation of the social cash transfer pilot programme, Tigray region, Ethiopia
G. Berhane; S. Devereux; J. Hoddinott / United Nations Children's Fund 2015
In 2011, the Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs (BoLSA), Regional Government of Tigray, with support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), introduced the Social Cash Transfer Pilot Programme (SCTPP) in two woredas, ...
Qualitative research and analyses of the economic impacts of cash transfer programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa
P. Pozarny; V. Barca; S. Brook / Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Document Repository 2015
This report synthesizes the analysis and findings of a set of six country case studies that explore the impact of cash transfer (CT) programmes on household economic decision-making and the local economy in sub-Saharan Africa. ...
Cash transfers and child nutrition: what we know and what we need to know
R. de Groot; T. Palermo; S. Handa / United Nations Children's Fund 2015
Childhood malnutrition remains a significant global problem with an estimated 162 million children under 5 suffering from stunted growth. Social protection interventions, in particular cash transfer programmes, have the potential to c...
Nutrition and social protection
Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Document Repository 2015
This document analyses linkages and complementarities between social protection and nutrition, laying out the common ground between the two. It identifies general principles which should guide the design and implementation of social p...
The state of food insecurity in the world 2015
Faostat, FAO 2015
Key messages include: About 795 million people are undernourished globally, down 167 million over the last decade, and 216 million less than in 1990–92. The decline is more pronounced in developing regions, despit...
National agriculture policy recommendations
Zambia Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance 2014
The Government of Zambia in coming up with the draft National Agriculture Policy (NAP) and its implementation plan is prepared to ensure that agriculture is positioned to drive growth and development in Zambia. As such, The Platf...
2014-2015 Global Food Policy Report
International Food Policy Research Institute 2015
This report puts into perspective the major food policy issues, developments, and decisions in 2014 and highlights challenges and opportunities for 2015. Drawing on rigorous research, IFPRI researchers and other distinguished food pol...

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