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Document Abstract
Published: 2002

Processes of change: a study into the institutionalisation of participatory approaches

Strategies for institutionalising participatory approaches
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This paper reports on two studies which examine the process of institutionalisation of a farmer participatory research (FPR) methodology within the Colombian Agricultural Research Corporation (Corpoica). A methodological and conceptual framework was developed to examine the process of the institutionalisation.

The framework starts by looking at change that has occurred so far within the institution; this change can be separated into change in practice, change in policy and change in culture. The paper then examines factors that have affected this change; these are divided into causes of change, facilitating factors, obstacles and strategies that have been used. The paper compares the factors that affect change in different types of organisations to understand the patterns for other institutions.

The paper identifies six strategies for institutionalising participatory approaches:

  • Identify natural allies and build strategic alliances.
  • Internal and external marketing strategies.
  • Encourage researchers to take ownership of the methodology.
  • Become a learning institution - feedback loops, participatory monitoring and evaluation.
  • sharing ideas and working together
  • changing evaluation processes and reward structures
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H. Menter

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