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A Social Network Approach to Analyzing Research Systems: A Study of Kenya, Ghana, and Kerala, India
W. Shrum / International Service for National Agricultural Research 1997
Describes a social network approach to analyzing science and technology systems, taking into account the primary sectors involved in agriculture and natural resource management. It outlines a methodology for producing an inventory of ...
Telecenters: Education and Community Networking Using Information and Communication Technologies
P. Hunt / Educational Resources Information Center 1998
Provides information resources on telecenters for community educators, K-12 students, college and university students, parents, researchers, librarians, policy makers, and the general public. Its purpose is to provide an introduction ...
Networking and rural development through sustainable forest management: frameworks for pluralistic approaches
A. Bebbington; A. Kopp / Unasylva, FAO 1998
An examination of attempts to build social capital (networks built on relationships of trust) for rural development through sustainable forest management.
Knowledge Networking for Sustainable Development
V. Nath / Sustainable Development Networking Programme, India 2000
Paper aims to stimulate discussion on knowledge-based networking approach to sustainable development. Knowledge is and will continue to be critical to the social and economic activities that comprise the development process. The corne...
Strengthening institutional structures to influence policy
S. Madon / Institute for Development Policy and Management, Manchester 2000
International non-government organisations (INGOs) are increasingly regarded as important in their capacity to influence global policy on development issues such as poverty alleviation, sustainable development, and human rights. This ...
Can transfers of knowledge facilitate human development?
A. Mukherjee Reed / York University, Canada 2000
The idea that knowledge is critical for development is neither new nor controversial. However, the full implications of the role of knowledge in development cannot be assessed unless we clarify at least two sets of issues: ...
How non-research investments affect research impact: the case of maize technology adoption in southern Mali
D. Boughton; B. H. de Frahan / Food Security III Cooperative Agreement, Michigan State University 1996
Addresses two key questions: (1) what is the profitability, or rate of return (ROR), to investments in maize research and diffusion at the farm and national levels; and (2) what factors have encouraged and constrained the impact of ma...
Guidelines for Research in Partnership with Developing Countries
Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries 1998
Sets out 11 principles for research cooperation. Includes a series of case studies
Making a Difference to Policies and Programs: a guide for researchers
R.W. Porter; S. Prysor-Jones / Support for Analysis and Research in Africa, USAID 1997
Short guide for researchers who aim to have an impact on policy and program decisions. It is intended for researchers attached to government services and researchers located in academic institutions, as well as researchers working as ...
Closing the Loop: From research on natural resources to policy change
S.R. Tabor; D.C. Faber / European Centre for Development Policy Management 1998
Results of a meeting which pooled the experiences of policy makers, donor agencies and non-governmental organisations in bridging the gap between science and resource management change
Items 601 to 610 of 679

Items 601 to 601 of 601

What is dissemination? Why is it important? How do you choose a dissemination strategy?
D. Saywell; A. Cotton / Water Engineering and Development Centre 1999
Review of literature and case studies on research dissemination methdods and their impact, with recommendations for researchers and for commisioners of research Recommendations include: Plan and integrate a disse...
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The Network of African Science Academies (NASAC)
The World trade institute (WTI)
The World Trade Institute (WTI) is an academic institution dedicated to studying and teaching on the subject of international trade regulation and investment. As a centre of excellence at the University of Bern with an international, interdisciplinary focus, we explore the interconnections between the fields of law, economics and political science.
International Organisations Research Journal (IORJ)
International Organisations Research Journal (IORJ) is published by the National Research University Higher School of Economics since January 2006. It is published quarterly since 2009. Generally, each issue is dedicated to one theme. Starting from December 2015 IORJ is included into two international databases on the platform of Web of Science - Russian Science Citatio...
European Think Tanks Group (ETTG)
The European Think Tanks Group (ETTG), is made up of four like-minded leading European international cooperation think tanks: German Development Institute (DIE), European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). The work of the group is sha...
C-Change, communication for change, implemented by FHI 360, is a USAID-funded project to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of social and behavior change communication (SBCC) across development sectors.   C-Change works in the developing world to: Scale up bast practices in SBCC Strengthen capacity in SBCC Generate and disseminat...
IPE Global Centre for Knowledge & Development (IPE CKD)
IPE Global Centre for Knowledge & Development (IPE CKD), is a dedicated entity promoted by IPE Global Limited for development research, dialogue, learning and innovation. Its purpose is to seek, develop and share innovative solutions to address the global challenges of development.
American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Founded in 1946 as a not-for-profit organisation, AIR’s conducts and applies behavioral and social science research and evaluation towards improving people's lives, with a special emphasis on the disadvantaged.
Development Research Center of the State Council of the People's Republic of China (DRC)
The Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) is a policy research and consulting institution directly under the State Council, the central government of the People's Republic of China. Its major function is to conduct advanced research on the overall, comprehensive, strategic and long-term issues in the economic and social development, as well as relevant key and hot problems rela...
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz / Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz)
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz is responsible for a range of activities which include research development; highly-regarded hospital and ambulatory care services; production of vaccines, drugs, reagents, and diagnostic kits; education and training of human resources; information and communication in the area of health, science and technology; quality control of products and services, and the implementat...
Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento / Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP)
Cebrap is a globalized research center, with long-term international partnerships with research institutes, universities, funding agencies, and civil associations, mainly in the United States and Europe, but also from India, Africa, China, and Latin America. Currently, Cebrap conducts ongoing research on citizenship, elections, political institutions, participation, governance, social mov...
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