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Published: 2013

Rising Powers in International Development: an annotated bibliography

Rising Powers in International Development: an annotated bibliography
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The Rising Powers – a category that includes the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as well as other key countries such as Mexico, Turkey and Indonesia – are establishing themselves as an influential presence in the global development landscape, and playing an increasingly important role in shaping prospects for poverty reduction in lowincome countries.

This annotated bibliography is intended for a global audience of policy-makers, students, academics and researchers. It should enable quick and easy familiarisation with the major English-language literature on the Rising Powers’ impact on development, with links to websites and summaries for reference.

The bibliography builds on the work of the ‘BRICS Initiative’, a horizon-scanning project supported by the UK's Institute of Development Studies' Tomorrow Today fund, and the DFID-funded Rising Powers in International Development (RPID) programme.
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M. Younis; J. Constantine; E. Wach; L. Navas-Alemán; A. Shankland; A. Yadav

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