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Rising powers and South-South development cooperation

Rising Powers' role as development actors and donors in their own right, horizontal ‘South-South Cooperation’, and ‘Triangular/Trilateral Cooperation’, where South-South Cooperation is facilitated and/or funded by a ‘Northern’ donor country.

About rising powers and South-South development cooperation

Rising Powers such as the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have been engaged in official and non-official development cooperation for decades, but their role as development actors has only recently been acknowledged by the development community.  Countries that were once predominantly regarded as aid recipients  are now becoming more active as donors in their own right. In addition to bilateral and multilateral donor activity, these countries are increasingly active in sharing their experiences directly with other countries through horizontal ‘South-South Cooperation’, or through ‘Triangular/Trilateral Cooperation’, where South-South Cooperation is facilitated and/or funded by a ‘Northern’ donor country.

Recommended reading

BRICs’ philosophies for development financing and their implications for LICs
N. Mwase / International Monetary Fund 2012
Flows of development financing from the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to low income countries (LICs) have surged in recent years. Unlike aid from traditional donors, BRICs (excluding Russia) view their financing as primarily...
FDI from BRICs to LICs: Emerging Growth Driver?
M. Mlachila; M. Takebe / International Monetary Fund 2011
Despite the rapid increase in FDI flows to LICs, there have been relatively few studies that have specifically examined these flows. The paper looks at BRIC FDI to LICs with a special focus on Chinese FDI to sub-Saharan African (SSA) ...
Enhancing South-South and triangular cooperation: study of the current situation and existing good practices in policy, institutions, and operation of South-South and triangular cooperation
United Nations Development Programme 2009
South-South and triangular cooperation has become a major subject of international development discussions. One of the key issues identified in such discussions is the lack of information on South-South and triangular cooperation impl...

Latest Documents

South Africa’s state-building role in the DRC: kicking the can down the road
South African Institute of International Affairs 2017
As the mooted presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is postponed to December 2018, South Africa’s most significant engagement in post-conflict reconstruction and development (PCRD) since i...
Own ways of doing: national pride, power and China’s political calculus in Ethiopia
R. Dittgen; A.A. Demissie / South African Institute of International Affairs 2017
China’s evolving position as a key economic actor in Africa, a diplomatic heavyweight in local conflict resolution and a new entrant into peacekeeping, security co-operation and capacity building, illustrates significant ...
Economic integration and development partnerships: Southern perspectives
Research and Information System for Developing Countries 2017
As part of its work programme on capacity-building among developing countries on global and regional economic issues RIS has been conducting its flaghship Capacity-Building Programme on International Economic Issues and Develo...
South–South peacebuilding: lessons and insights from Turkey and South Africa’s support to fragile states
South African Institute of International Affairs 2017
Emerging actors, such as providers of South–South cooperation (SSC), are increasingly playing a role in peacebuilding, particularly in fragile states and conflict-affected areas. While there is much discussion on the role...
Modi’s new foreign policy agenda and the implications for Africa
E. Sidiropoulos; C. Alden / South African Institute of International Affairs 2016
The third India–Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) took place in New Delhi in October 2015, just over a year after Narendra Modi became prime minister. Situating India–Africa ties within the context of India’s evolving geopolit...
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