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World Trade Organization Ministerial Conferences
World Trade Organization 2003
Lists documents relating to Legal texts of the WTO, including documents from the ministerial meetings in 1996 (Singapore), 1998 (Geneva), 1999 (Seattle) and 2001 (Qatar)
Trade and Development Report 1999
United Nations [UN] Conference on Trade and Development 1999
Focuses on: a detailed empirical analysis of the links between economic growth, external deficits and instability in developing countries over the past three decades an explanation of why trade rather than aug...
Aid for Trade Development: Lessons for Lomé V
K. Van Hove; H.B. Solignac Lecomte / European Centre for Development Policy Management 1999
Reviews some recent initiatives that aim to improve the performance of trade-related aid projects. It then looks at the European Commission’s (EC) experience, considering the results of evaluations and assessing the new direction...
Electronic Commerce: Issues for the South
A. Didar Singh / South Centre 1999
Addresses some of the core questions concerning eCommerce and place them in perspective for developing countries attempting to develop their strategies. Focuses on the WTO issues and possible negotiating positions. Concludes that a jo...
Tree Trade: Liberalization of International Commerce in Forest Products: Risks and Opportunities
N. Sizer / World Resources Institute, Washington DC 1999
Analyzes the risks and opportunities associated with proposed liberalization of international commerce in forest products, focusing in the negotiations at the WTO Seattle conference. Notes that unless countries that export fore...
Trade Liberalization in a Dynamic Setting: Implications of a New WTO Round
W.J. McKibbin / Brookings Institution 1999
Explores the impacts of a new WTO Round of trade liberalization over the period from 2000 to 2010, using a model that allows for short run unemployment, adjustment costs in capital formation, international flows of financial assets an...
Stop the Millennium Round [WTO negotiation] Campaign
Friends of the Earth 1999
Campaign material focusing on the WTO trade negotiations, and especially on the Seattle Meeting in December 1999
Loaded against the poor: the World Trade Organisation
Oxfam 1999
Oxfam position paper prepared for the WTO Seattle conference. Argues that The World Trade Organisation must agree to independent country-by-country studies to find out how its "free trade" rules have affected peo...
Seattle Symposium on International Trade Issues in the First Decades of the Next Century, December 1999: reports on meeting
International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg 1999
Coverage of the WTO meeting held in Seattle, 29 Nov-3 December 1999.
Theoretical framework for analysing farmers management of plant genetic resources using examples from Tanzania
E. Friis-Hansen / Danish Institute for International Studies 1999
Discusses the debate around farmers' management of local plant genetic resources. It seek to develop a theoretical framework for analysing farmers management of plant genetic resources using examples from fieldwork carried out in 1995...
Items 3591 to 3600 of 3811

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A look at sustainable livelihoods and ethical trade through case studiers
Ethical Trade and Natural Resources Programme, NRI 1998
Explores the actual and potential contribution ethical trade can make to the achievement of sustainable rural livelihoods. Summary report includes a description of ethical trade (Section 2), followed by an analysis of the buil...
Biggest benefit of fair trade is increased income and access to funds
M Blowfield; S Gallet / Natural Resources Institute, UK 2001
Uses Volta River Estates Ltd. (Ghana) as a case study into ethical trade and sustainable rural livelihoods. This organisation is a Fairtrade banana exporter. The VREL example suggests that plantations can increase livelihood op...
Items 3591 to 3592 of 3592

Items 3591 to 3592 of 3592

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