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Agricultural markets and food prices

Implications of economic liberalisation, the impact of global trends in agricultural production on food prices; the mechanisms by which farmers engage in markets; the various barriers and opportunities presented by different policy frameworks.

Latest Documents

Case study: Nepal’s agriculture, climate change and food security
N. Grist / Evidence on Demand, 2015
This brief is a country case study of Nepal produced alongside the DFID Topic Guide on Climate Change, Food Security and Agriculture. It highlights how climate change affects the situation of food security and agriculture in Nepal. Th...
Independent report commissioned by the G7 on improving responses to climate-fragility
L. Rüttinger; D. Smith; G. Stang; D. Tänzler; J. Vivekananda / International Alert, 2015
This independent report commissioned by the member states of the G7 focuses on the concept of climate fragility, pertaining to areas where climate change threatens to multiply already existing vulnerabilities, be it economic, politica...
Food, Markets and Nutrition: Maximizing the Impacts of Private Sector Engagement in Tanzania
Institute of Development Studies UK, 2015
This report summarizes the findings of a workshop for representatives of Tanzanian government, development partners, civil society and private sector organisations, hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) on 30 March 2015...
Competitive or complementary? Industrial crops and food security in sub-Saharan Africa
S. Wiggins; G. Henley; S. Keats / Overseas Development Institute, 2015
How are industrial crops affecting food security in sub-Saharan Africa? To answer this, it sets out a conceptual framework that explores plausible linkages between the cultivation of industrial crops and impacts of food, and in...
Rice in the Shadow of Skyscrapers: Policy Choices in a Dynamic East and Southeast Asian Setting
D. Dawe; Jaffee S.; Santos N. / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2014
This compendium of policy notes is the result of cooperation between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, The World Bank and the International Rice Research Institute. Across Asia, rice is food for the largest segment of t...
Food price spikes and poor, small economies: What role for trade policies?
K. Anderson; J. Thennakoon 2015
Upward spikes in international food prices lead some food-surplus countries to raise export barriers and some food-deficit countries to lower their import restrictions on staple foods – and conversely when prices slump. When man...
The political ecology of Chinese investment in Uganda: the case of Hanhe Farm
J. Maiyo / SAIS China Africa Research Initiative, 2014
Hanhe Farm, located in the Nakaseke Administrative District, is the first private Chinese land-based agriculture enterprise in Uganda. This case can be used to examine the political context of land acquisition in Uganda, the ecologica...
Chinese agricultural engagement in Zambia: a grassroots analysis
S.G. Chatelard; J.M. Chu / SAIS China Africa Research Initiative, 2015
Recent focus on large-scale Chinese investments in African agriculture has fueled popular misperceptions of Chinese "land grabs" and has overshadowed another unexplored-and perhaps more significant-phenomenon: the rise of medium-scale...
Chinese agricultural entrepreneurship in Africa: case studies in Ghana and Nigeria
Y. Jiao / SAIS China Africa Research Initiative, 2015
Agriculture is an important area of Chinese economic engagement in Africa. Since the 1960s, China has provided aid, sent experts, and trained African farmers. However, there is still little empirical research on recent Chinese agribus...
Neither ‘land grab’ nor ‘friendship farm:’ Chinese agricultural engagement in Angola
Z. Jinyan / SAIS China Africa Research Initiative, 2015
Chinese-Angolan agricultural cooperation can be divided into two phases, beginning in 2004.l n the first period, from 2004 to 2008, Chinese engagement focused on infrastructure construction. Since 2008, cooperation has centered on the...