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Agricultural markets and food prices

Implications of economic liberalisation, the impact of global trends in agricultural production on food prices; the mechanisms by which farmers engage in markets; the various barriers and opportunities presented by different policy frameworks.

Latest Documents

Mainstreaming social inclusion into programmes promoting agricultural productivity and access to markets among the rural poor
S. Turrall / Evidence on Demand, 2013
This study is a rapid assessment of the evidence regarding effective approaches to promoting agricultural productivity and improving access to markets, across different social groups of the rural poor, with a particular focus on those...
Cultivating the future: Exploring the the potential and impact of a green revolution in Africa
J.D. Moyer; E. Firnhaber / Institute for Security Studies, 2012
Despite possessing large tracts of rich, uncultivated land, Africa is a net importer of food and suffers from high levels of undernutrition. Some scholars have argued that a ‘Green Revolution’, defined by increasing crop y...
Strategy for Sustainable Agriculture
Research and Information System for Developing Countries, 2011
The food price crisis of the last decade provided an impetus to the discussions on sustainable development of agriculture. What has since emerged is the belief that agricultural policies need to be revamped to meet the growing demands...
Food security in a world of natural resource scarcity: The role of agricultural technologies
M.W. Rosegrant; J. Koo; N. Cenacchi / International Food Policy Research Institute, 2014
This book is aimed at policymakers in ministries of agriculture and national agricultural research institutes, as well as multilateral development banks and the private sector and provides guidance on various technology strategies and...
Commercialisation of African Smallholder Farming. The Case of Smallholder Farmers in C. Tanzania
K. Mutabazi / Future Agricultures Consortium, 2014
Future Agricultures Working Paper 72 Khamaldin Mutabazi, Steve Wiggins & Ntengua Mdoe August 2013 African agriculture is predominantly carried out on small-scale family farms. The big question about such family fa...
Horizons of functional food production in Syria and its exportation to international markets: Russia as an example
M. Babili / National Agricultural Policy Centre, Syria, 2013
F.F is a category that comprises an extended spectrum of foods and beverages, ranging from natural foods that contain functional components like lycopene in tomato and Omega-3 fatty acids in seafood, to fortified foods like calcium-fo...
Improving smallholder livelihoods through local value chain development: a case study of goat milk yoghurt in Tanzania
H. Lie / International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, 2012
Smallholder farmers have difficulties entering established value chains with value-added products. In this paper, we look at smallholders’ capability to establish and sustainably manage a competitive and economically viable loca...
Dynamics of Maize Seed Production Systems in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana
K. Amanor / Future Agricultures Consortium, 2013
Full title: Dynamics of Maize Seed Production Systems in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana: Agricultural Modernisation, Farmer Adaptive Experimentation and Domestic Food Markets Future Agricultures Working Paper 61 By Kojo S...
Private Equity Investments and Agricultural Development in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges
L. Silici / Future Agricultures Consortium, 2013
Future Agricultures Working Paper 62 Laura Silici and Anna Locke June 2013 Private equity (PE) and venture capital are forms of investment that bring together specialised fund managers and investors to provide equity ...
The proposal of common market among Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran: investigating opportunities for agricultural trade
M. Babili / National Agricultural Policy Centre, Syria, 2013
2011 and 2012 witnessed a series of trade, financial and economic sanctions against Syria in the course of the crisis that has been hitting the country. The main characteristic of these sanctions is that they were imposed by Syria&rsq...