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Global health

This guide aims to provide access to relevant, diverse and credible research on global health in developing countries. It aims to inform dialogue and the sharing of good practice by policy actors and decision makers globally around issues such as: social determinants of health; health systems; infectious diseases; NCDs; HIV and Aids; injury and violence; maternal, newborn and child health; and nutrition.
Using Photovoice to improve health in the Sundarbans
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
Children in the Indian Sundarbans suffer from chronic malnutrition and communicable diseases. Furthermore, access to health facilities in the region is a challenge due to rough terrain and winding tidal rivers. Shibaji Bose, PIRU Officer for Future Health Systems, writes about the use of Photovoice in creating health policy change in the region.

Latest Documents

Progressive universalism? The impact of targeted coverage on healthcare access and expenditures in Peru
S. Neelsen; O. O'Donnell / Tinbergen Institute 2016
Like other countries seeking a progressive path to universalism, Peru has attempted to reduce inequalities in access to healthcare by granting the poor entitlement to tax-financed basic care without charge. The authors identify the im...
Sub-Saharan Africa’s growing population of older persons
United Nations Population Division 2016
The growing number of older persons in sub-Saharan Africa is a legacy of the high fertility that produced increasingly large birth cohorts during the twentieth century, as well as improving rates of survival to older ages. In 2015 the...
Factsheet: Diabetes in older people
HelpAge International 2016
There are two main types of diabetes. Type 2 accounts for over 90 per cent of diabetes worldwide. It results from the body’s ineffective use of insulin, leading to raised glucose levels in the blood. One of the four leading glob...
Despite gains, barriers keep health care high on Africa’s priority list
D. Armah-Attoh; E. Selormey; R. Houessou / Afrobarometer 2016
Access to health care gained the spotlight on national and international development agendas when the 1978 Alma Ata Declaration outlined a strategy for achieving universal access to primary health care by the year 2000 (World Health O...
Global report on diabetes 2016
World Health Organization 2016
Diabetes is an important public health problem, one of four priority noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) targeted for action by world leaders. Both the number of cases and the prevalence of diabetes have been steadily increasing over the ...
India Africa partnership in health care: accomplishments and prospects
Research and Information System for Developing Countries 2015
The health sector assumes special importance in India-Africa development cooperation. It is the major component of the broad-ranging collaborative effort envisaged under the rubric of India-Africa cooperation in social development and...
Sharing of social sectors experiences in IBSA: assessment of initiatives and way forward
B. Pandey / Research and Information System for Developing Countries 2015
The establishment of the India-Brazil-South Africa Trilateral Cooperation Forum (IBSA), formalised by the Brasilia Declaration in 2003 is a distinctive international trilateral development initiative to promote South- South cooperatio...
Picking up the pieces: Liberia’s peacebuilding efforts post-Ebola
E. Mulbah; L. Connolly; N. Gcabashe Zond / African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes 2015
Liberia is at a critical juncture in terms of its ability to maintain its hard-won peace and ensure that its reconciliation and sustainable development efforts are not derailed. The West African country, with a population of 3.124 mil...
Global dietary quality, undernutrition and non-communicable disease: a longitudinal modelling study
R. Green; J. Sutherland; A.D. Dangour / British Medical Journal 2016
This study aimed to determine the relationship between global dietary energy availability and dietary quality, and nutrition-related health outcome. It has demonstrated that by combining large, publicly available data sets, imp...
The Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme: Barriers to Access for Informal Workers
L Alfers / Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing 2013
Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is an innovative attempt to extend social protection to informal workers, and, as such, it may hold important policy lessons for other countries where the informal economy is large...
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Read the latest contributions to the Eldis blog on the subject of global health.

Read the latest contributions to the Eldis blog on the subject of global health.

A scientific diagram of the circulatory system, painted on a wall in Dubangat Momicha government-run secondary school, in Ethiopia. The mural indicates the main arteries and veins of the heart.

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