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Health systems

Analysis of the key components of a well functioning health system, including: health promotion; access to medicines; health systems financing; health service delivery; governance and health; and human resources for health.
Innovation in malaria surveillance in Cambodia
Man with mobile phone
S. Torfinn / Panos Pictures
A diverse set of tools - a mix of routine reporting systems using eHealth and mobile phone-based (mHealth) solutions - were developed in Cambodia to improve malaria surveillance and to provide the information needed by national and district staff to manage the national malaria programme, respond to malaria outbreaks and individual cases and monitor in real-time the levels of critical malaria supplies at health facilities.

Latest Documents

Mental health action plan 2013 - 2020
World Health Organization, 2013
This report recognises the essential role of mental health in achieving health for all people. It is based on a life-course approach, aims to achieve equity through universal health coverage and stresses the importance of preve...
The importance of mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals
N. Votruba; G. Thornicroft / British Journal of Psychiatry, 2015
This paper argues that, in the context of a growing burden of disease due to mental disorders and psychosocial disabilities, there needs to be the inclusion of a clear mental health target and indicators in the Sustainable Development...
Including mental health among the new sustainable development goals
G. Thornicroft; V. Patel / British Medical Journal, 2014
This short article argues the case for including mental health among the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highlighting how the issue interlinks with many of the suggested Goals. It highlights that mental health is a cr...
Who pays for progress? The role of domestic resource mobilisation and development assistance in financing health. A case study from Kenya
S. Lewis; L. Kerr / RESULTS UK, 2015
Kenya has one of the most vibrant economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Economic growth is strong, and in 2014 it was announced that Kenya had crossed the threshold from a ‘low-Income country’ to a ‘lower-middle-Income co...
Are service-delivery NGOs building state capacity in the global south?: experiences from HIV/AIDS programmes in rural Uganda
B. Bukenya / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre, 2013
It is argued that NGOs, through their technocratic interventions, can have progressive impacts on political processes in developing countries. This paper investigates the role of service delivery NGOs in building state capacity in the...
Maternity Protection Resource Package
International Labour Organization, 2015
The Maternity Protection Resource Package provides guidance and tools to strengthen and extend maternity protection to all women in all types of economic activity. It is designed to: Bring together information and tools...
The contribution of female health to economic development
D.E. Bloom; M. Kuhn; K. Prettner / Program on the Global Demography of Aging at Harvard University, 2015
This paper analyses the economic consequences for less developed countries of investing in female health. In so doing it introduces a novel micro-founded dynamic general equilibrium framework in which parents trade off the number of c...
The political economy of inclusive healthcare in Cambodia
T. Kelsall; S. Heng / Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre, 2014
Over the past 15 years, Cambodia has made significant strides in expanding effective access to free healthcare for poor people, thanks largely to ‘Health Equity Funds’ (HEFs), a multi-stakeholder health-financing mechanism...
We can also make change: piloting participatory research with persons with disabilities and older people in Bangladesh
HelpAge International, 2015
The aim of the research presented in this report was to understand better the experiences of social, political and economic exclusion of persons with disabilities and older people in Bangladesh from their own perspectives. A...
Responding to rapid population growth in Egypt
H. Youssef; M. Osman; F. Roudi-Fahimi / Population Reference Bureau, 2014
Egypt’s rapid population growth is putting pressure on the country’s economy and environment and is threatening the health and well-being of its people. From 1994 to 2014, the population grew by 46 percent, from 60 million...
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A scientific diagram of the circulatory system, painted on a wall in Dubangat Momicha government-run secondary school, in Ethiopia. The mural indicates the main arteries and veins of the heart.

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