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Latin America and Caribbean

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Climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean: policy options and research priorities
B. Feld; S. Galiani / Social Science Research Network 2016
Although climate change is filled with uncertainties, a broad set of policies proposed to address this issue can be grouped in two categories: mitigation and adaptation. Developed countries that are better prepared to cope with climat...
Sustainable cities in Latin America
M.R. Tejerina / Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI) / Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations 2016
In the present day, Latin America is the most urbanised region - and also the most inequitable - on the planet, which means that its urban areas amass both huge wealth and huge poverty. Within this context, dealing with climat...
Agricultural productivity growth in Latin America and the Caribbean and other world regions: an analysis of climatic effects, convergence and catch-up
M.A. Lachaud; B.E. Bravo-Ureta; C.E. Ludena / Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo / Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) 2016
The agricultural sector plays a critical role in the economy of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. However, agricultural productivity in LAC countries is facing the rising challenge imposed by climate change, natura...
Climate change adaptation and population dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean: perspectives from the region
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 2016
Latin America and the Caribbean face multiple risks from a changing climate, from sea level rise to glacial melt to extreme weather and disease. Recent population trends—particularly population growth and urbanisation...
The State of Biodiversity in Latin America and the Caribbean: a mid-term review of progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets
United Nations [UN] Environment Programme 2016
Global Biodiversity Outlook-4, the mid-term review of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, provided a global assessment of progress towards the attainment of the Plan’s global biodiversity goals and associated Aich...
Accelerating energy efficiency: initiatives and opportunities
Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency 2015
Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries face an urgent need to advance economic develo p- ment and social welfare by enabling progress in priority areas such as health , education and infrastructure. If we add to these needs vuln...
Natural gas market outlook: how Latin America and the Caribbean can benefit from the US shale boom
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo / Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) 2015
The surge in US natural gas production from the shale boom is transforming global gas markets. Less than a decade ago, with natural gas production on the decline, the United States was expected to become a major importer of liquefied ...
Environmental standards and international trade: Latin American stakeholders and the EU Environmental Footprint Program
A. Frohmann / The World trade institute 2015
A new initiative to identify and quantify the product environmental footprint (PEF) is the three-year pilot program initiated in 2013 by the European Commission, in the context of the Single Market for Green Products project. ...
Disabling the steering wheel? National and international actors' climate change mitigation strategies in Latin America
German Institute of Global and Area Studies 2015
The Latin American region holds important potential for mitigation and has a long?standing tradition of crafting policies and drafting legislation on climate change. This article addresses the question of how Brazil, Costa Rica, and C...
Multi-level pro-poor health governance, statistical information flows and the role of regional organisations in South America and Southern Africa
Poverty Reduction and Regional Integration 2016
Health governance has become multi-layered as the combined result of decentralisation, regional integration and the emergence of new actors nationally and internationally. Whereas this has – in principle – enhanced the insta...
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