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Middle East and North Africa

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SMEs and GVCs in the G20 implications for Africa and developing countries
P. Draper; C. Pswarayi / Global Economic Governance Africa 2016
Increasing the participation of developing countries in global value chains (GVCs) is now an accepted G20 priority that features prominently on the Chinese government’s agenda for the 2016 summit. However, there is disagreement o...
Exploring the determinants of welfare distribution in Tunisia and Egypt using a welfare generation model
Y. Abid; C. O'Donoghue; D. Sologon / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2016
The Tunisian revolution quickly sparked a wave of major uprisings in the region, starting from Egypt and spreading to other countries, such as Libya and Syria among others. Not surprisingly, the fuel of uprisings in these coun...
Climate change adaptation and resilience in Africa: recommendations to policymakers
The Network of African Science Academies 2015
The principal objective of this advisory booklet is to assess the status and make recommendations that African governments should consider when dealing with climate change and resilience in Africa. Through the cooperation between NASA...
Effects of climate change on the social & environmental determinants of health in Africa: what can communities do to strengthen their climate resilience
Regional Office for Africa, World Health Organisation 2015
The highest burden per capita of climate-sensitive diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoeal diseases and malnutrition is found in the African region. These diseases already represent the main cause of death among children under...
Tools and tactics for the LGBTI community in the Middle-East and North Africa | security in-a-box
Tactical Technology Collective 2014
Tactical Tech have created a guide: Tools and Tactics for the LGBTI community in the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA). This is the first in the series of Security in-a-box Community Focus guides, which aim to further integrate digi...
Supporting Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex human rights defenders in the digital age
O'Clunaigh Dan / Feminist Africa 2013
The widespread diffusion of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) has empowered activists and minority communities to spread information, campaign, build communities and challenge injustice in new and powerful ways. The L...
Developing beans that can beat the heat
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 2015
In Africa and Latin America, the production of beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, which include higher temperatures and more frequent drought. Within the last 15 years, CGIAR researchers have ...
Witness protection: facilitating justice for complex crimes
J.N. Kariri; U. Salifu / Institute for Security Studies 2016
Responding appropriately to complex transnational and international crimes requires a multifaceted approach that includes a robust criminal justice response. Witness testimony is a crucial part of this. Witnesses, and often their fami...
Does less engaged mean less empowered? Political participation lags among African youth, especially women
Afrobarometer 2016
The African Union (AU) Assembly declared 2009 - 2018 the "African Youth Decade" and released an action plan to promote youth empowerment and development throughout the continent, including by raising young citizens' representation and...
Low social and political returns to education in the Arab World
I. Diwan / Economic Research Forum, Egypt 2016
The policy discussion in the Arab world has rarely focused on the social and political returns of education, areas of keen interest in more democratic countries. This is unfortunate. The evidence uncovered in the author's rece...
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