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Pastoralism and conflict

The role of agricultural production and food policy in achieving broad development goals. Covering food security, land issues, food prices, gender, extension, the right to food and the role of technology and innovation.

Latest Documents

Policy options for pastoral drought management in Africa
Livestock, Environment and Development, Virtual Research and Development Centre 2006
This paper seeks to inform African policy-makers, and decision-makers in international aid and development organisations, of the urgency of managing drought for the livestock sector, particularly in pastoral and agro-pastoral systems....
How to address the development needs of pastoralists
Drylands Development Centre, UNDP 2003
This document outlines the necessity of formulating development policies specifically targeted at pastoralists and their livelihoods. The author reports that pastoralists have generally been ill-served by development policies and actions b...
Household survival strategies used to inform disaster preparedness interventions in Ethopia
S. Lautze; Y. Aklilu; A. Raven-Roberts; H. Young; G. Kebede; J. Leaning / US Agency for International Development 2003
This paper aims to learn from the household survival strategies in Ethiopia that have evolved to manage diverse disaster hazards with a view that such strategies can inform more effective disaster preparedness, relief, recovery and pr...
Testing the impact of rainfall variability on livestock densities, land allocation patterns and herd mobility
N. McCarthy; J.P. Vanderlinden / CGIAR System-wide Program on Property Rights and Collective Action 2002
The purpose of this paper is to develop an empirical model that incorporates the impact of both rainfall variability and costly cooperation on land use, land allocation and herd mobility decisions, and to apply the model to data colle...
Exploring a Nepalese livestock insurance scheme: what makes it successful?
Microfinance Gateway, CGAP 2000
This article explores a livestock insurance scheme in Nepal. The scheme is very beneficial to members, including increasing production of milk, decrease in the loan delinquency, decrease in livestock death. The article conclude...
Environmental variability in an extensive pastoral area northern Xinjiang, China
T. Banks; S. Doman / Department of Applied and International Economics, Massey University 2001
This paper considers the degree of environmental variability in an extensive pastoral area of Altay, northern Xinjiang (China); assesses the extent to which institutional arrangements are able to accommodate environmental variability,...
Grassland tenure in China: influenced by group tenure arrangements and 'fuzzy' boundaries
T.J. Banks / Department of Applied and International Economics, Massey University 2001
The primary purpose of this paper is to make a contribution towards extending the coverage of this cropland tenure literature to China's extensive grasslands, which comprise some 40% of its territory. The article finds that: ...
What role does pastoral micro-finance have to play in risk management strategies?: the Mongolian case
Sustainable Development Department, FAO SD Dimensions 2001
This study forms a preliminary study into the potential role of pastoral micro-finance within a pastoral risk management strategy in a Mongolian context. This is intended to assist the Mongolian government in developing a co-ordinated...
Fluctuations in livestock prices can increase risk to Sahelian pastoralists
M. Fafchamps; S. Gavian / Queen Elizabeth House Library, University of Oxford 1995
This article suggest that not only does livestock makes an important contribution to rural incomes and export earnings in the Sahel, it is also kept as insurance against weather risk. The article concludes that: ...
Improving risk preparedness, risk management and poverty alleviation amongst pastoralists
L. Yongong; S. Baas; N. Hongxing; W. Jinbiao / Sustainable Development Department, FAO SD Dimensions 2001
This report documents the in-depth situation assessment on Pastoral Risk Management and Poverty Alleviation, in Dari County. It identifies the current risks and poverty evidences existing in the county and it compares perceptions, and...
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