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Urban governance

The need for strong and robust development programming to address the many challenges that face growing urban contexts. Includes water and sanitation, crime and security, housing and urban planning.

Latest Documents

Whose public spaces? Citizen participation in urban planning in Santiago, Chile
V.:Viviana Fernández Prajoux / International Institute for Environment and Development 2013
This article describes how community action stopped two planning proposals to build in public spaces in Las Condes, a commune in the metropolitan area of Santiago in Chile. The first proposal was the construction of a shopping mall by...
Land issues in poverty reduction strategies and the development agenda: Philippines
G.M. Llanto; M.M. Ballesteros / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2002
Access to land and productive inputs is a strong predicate for poverty alleviation. In the Philippines, the poor are strongly dependent on access to land for their livelihood and welfare. This paper discusses critical land issu...
Spotlight on publications: city-level climate change adaptation and mitigation
Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2014
The publications presented in this Spotlight cover some of the key issues related to city-level climate change mitigation and adaptation in Latin America, with a particular focus on: the prominent role of cities in Latin America; city...
Spotlight on publications: disaster risk management in Latin American cities
Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2013
This selection of publications highlights key resources documenting and analysing some of the main aspects of the Latin American experience with disaster risk management (DRM) in cities: links and relationships between urban poverty a...
Spotlight on publications: participatory budgeting
Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2011
Latin American countries pioneered participatory budgeting (PB), an innovative mechanism enabling citizens to decide how public funds will be spent. PB aims to incorporate citizen perspective into budget designation in order to increa...
Spotlight on Publications: Urban Environmental Governance
Evidence and Lessons from Latin America 2012
Latin American cities are tackling environmental challenges through governance mechanisms and initiatives at the local level. The list of publications contianed in this brief highlights key research, policy analysis, and case studies ...
Philippine-Japan economic linkages: a case study of Cebu
V. Zosa / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
The impact of the Japan-Philippine Economic Agreement (JPEPA) can be enriched by providing a regional dimension in its macro-analysis. Cebu-Japan cooperation largely hinges on Cebu’s economic competitiveness which manifests itse...
Rental housing for urban low-income households in the Philippines
M.M. Ballesteros / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
The objective of this paper is to examine the rental housing market in the Philippines and provide possible policy options for a viable rental scheme for low income households. Rental housing is now seen as a vital component in accomm...
Case study of Zamboanga City (Forced Migration Area)
M.L.D. Barrios-Fabian / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2004
In the City of Zamboanga, the increase in growth rate during the first half of the decade (1990-1995) can be attributed to the net migration rate. This plus the rapid urbanization, has brought about positive and negative results, part...
Metro Iloilo Development Council: in pursuit of managed urban growth
J.S. Cuenca; E.C. Villanueva-Ruiz / Philippine Institute for Development Studies 2005
The challenges posed by urbanization cannot be underestimated. Despite the apparent advantages of ur banization, the accompanying issues must be properly addressed lest the be nefits cannot be fully obtained or at worse, they can be d...
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