Consultant: Development of a Shared Cost Allocation Policy

War Child
London, UK
Consultant (Short term)

As part of our strategy to secure additional institutional donor funding, War Child is seeking a consultant to establish a shared cost allocation policy which will be implemented across all country operations. The cost allocation policy will comply with major institutional donor regulations, be reasonable to implement and allow War Child to show that it has a fair share allocation methodology to charge costs across all funding sources. Tasks The consultant will be employed to undertake the following specific tasks:

  • Gather information on common cost allocation methodologies used across the sector
  • Gather information from relevant War Child staff on context and current structures to inform feasibility of various cost allocation methodologies;
  • Outline the pros and cons of each method and make a recommendation of most appropriate cost allocation methodology for War Child, given size, growth plan and organisational capacity;
  • Present recommendation for approval by War Child Management;
  • Once approved, develop the War Child Cost Allocation Policy;
  • Work with War Child Finance Team to agree changes to the finance system to facilitate compliance with the Policy;
  • Develop tools to support the use of the Cost Allocation Policy, including:
  • Establishing appropriate cost allocation % to use both in cost proposal development and actual charging of shared costs to projects;
  • Coding of shared costs in finance system;
  • Allocation of shared costs to projects at the month end;
  • Develop an in-house training programme on the Policy and use of the tools appropriate for delivering the training to WCUK country offices.
Closing date: 
31st December 2017