Course Development Consultant, Community Health Academy

Last Mile Health
Boston, US
Consultant (Short term)

The Course Development Consultant, Community Health Academy, is a self-motivated, high-performing professional who contributes to the design and delivery of the Community Health Academy’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program for community health systems policymakers and managers around the world.

The Course Development Consultant will support the Community Health Academy team to develop a novel, evidence-based, high-quality, open, global CPE platform that will educate and accelerate the sharing of best practices between the policy makers, managers, and supervisors working to build stronger systems to support community health workers.

The CPE program will (a) convene a network of global faculty – made of leading community health innovators from around the world – to create, review and vet a curriculum for policymakers, managers and supervisors, (b) create a global classroom to deliver this curriculum via free massive open online courses, and (c) connect learners to complementary Academy initiatives that provide an enabling environment for sharing of best practices and facilitation of institutional adoption of curricula (such as communities of practice, in-person learning opportunities, in-country technical assistance, and integration into Global South institutions). The CPE Program will enroll and train at least 15,000 community health leaders – current and next-generation policymakers, managers, supervisors – within 4 years.

The initial period of consultancy will be for 6 months with re-evaluation and potential for extension for an additional 3-6 months based on project needs and consultant performance.  Consultant responsibilities will reviewed and updated as appropriate in relation to course production timelines.

Essential Job Functions: 

Create a global classroom to develop and deliver a responsive, high-quality CPE curriculum via free massive open online courses

  • Identify and generate content for course (e.g. conduct literature reviews, develop case studies)
  • Support refinement and integration of course pedagogy (e.g. articulating learning objectives, aligning lesson plans to meet course goals)
  • Support prototyping and piloting of course, including planning and execution of associated formative research opportunities to solicit and integrate feedback from experts and target learners
  • Facilitate coordination with course instructors, contributors, and reviewers
  • Translate course content for use in online platform (e.g. developing storyboards, writing scripts, developing interview guides, identifying/developing relevant media to illustrate course concepts)
  • Map out and navigate technical and logistical considerations for course production (e.g. scheduling interviews, planning travel for location shoots)
  • Facilitate production of course content (e.g. assist filming, potential travel to case study countries for location shoots)
  • Identify metrics for learner evaluation and feedback
  • Develop course assessments and discussion forums
  • Support editing and quality assurance for course content
  • Support course enrollment and certifications
  • Support marketing and branding for course
  • Liaise with partners to coordinate delivery of course in-country
  • Channel supplementary course concepts and content into preliminary planning for a longitudinal curriculum to be hosted and delivered on the CPE platform 

Facilitate the work of a network of global faculty to create, review and vet a curriculum for policymakers, managers and supervisors

  • Identify areas in which Global Faculty Network feedback is needed
  • Solicit and integrate recommendations from Global Faculty Network into course, including development of review guides
  • Participate in monthly Global Faculty Network meetings with core members
  • Consolidate and integrate feedback from Global Faculty Network members into course
  • Prepare feedback to Global Faculty Network on actions taken to integrate their feedback


  • A Master’s Degree in Public Health or a related field
  • 5 years of work experience focused on health systems and/or health education
  • Experience working alongside government and operational partners
  • Development of curriculum for learners across a wide range of educational levels
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Understanding of educational platform usage and designing curriculum for digitalization
  • Experience working in international settings
  • High level of initiative to innovate with limited guidance
  • Commitment to health and social justice
  • Comfort working with a casual but high-performing team
Closing date: 
31st January 2018