Development Worker - to advise on regional employment dialogue

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For an assignment as a development worker we are looking for the location Alexandria in Egypt for an

Development worker to advise on regional employment dialogue

JOB-ID: 34956

Field of activity

GIZ’s Employment Promotion Project (EPP) is implemented in Egypt to assist actors from politics and private sector in implementing reforms to promote youth employment as part of a public-private partnership. Employment dialogue is being initiated at regional level and Regional Labour Market Observatories are being established to develop and implement decentralised measures for promoting employment. Policy-makers, civil society and the private sector all share responsibility for the work of these observatories, which collect and analyse reliable data on the labour market as a basis for developing and implementing suitable evidence based active labour market programmes. More information on the project is available at

As a representative body of the region’s private sector, the Alexandria Business Association (ABA) is an active member of the regional labour market observatory (RLMO). It is seeking to make a greater contribution to develop and implement suitable employment promotion measures in the region. In addition to building its own capacities, it is also interested in coordinating activities more effectively with the vocational school sector.The development worker will strengthen the role of Alexandria’s private sector through advising on developing and implementing employment promotion measures. In this way, he or she will support to achieve the that goal regional labour market information is being used to develop and implement active labour market programmes (ALMP).’

Your tasks

  • You will advise and support the Alexandria Business Association (ABA) and its member companies in their role as regional providers of employment and training.
  • You will assist ABA in its work within the labour market observatory and all other partners with generating, analysing, interpreting and processing labour market data.
  • You will advise the partner organisation (PO) ABA with regard to developing and implementing ALMPs based on the results of the RLMOs.
  • You will advise the PO on its dialogue with policy-makers, the vocational training sector and other actors, and, ideally, coordinate the work of all of these public-private actors working within the RLMO in Alexandria.
  • You will support to improve the network between the five RLMOs in Egypt.

Your profile

You offer the following qualifications

  • Business skills and practical experience of vocational training and/or employment promotion
  • Advisory skills on organisational and institutional development
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent English language skills and a willingness to learn Arabic, Arabic language skill is an asset
  • Experience in the use of participatory methods

You offer the following competencies

  • Comparable experience in development cooperation
  • Experience of advising investors associations and companies
  • Knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods

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Closing date: 
9th January 2018