Senior Director of Programs

ABAAD-Resource Center for Gender Equality
Full time Staff

About ABAAD           

ABAAD is a non-profit, non-politically affiliated, non-confessional organization that aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable peace, democracy and social and economic development in the MENA region. ABAAD believes that eliminating gender based barriers, discrimination and violence while building women and girls’ agency and critical consciousness can allow them to participate effectively in all life spheres, lead change on their own, realize their rights and freely determine their life outcomes.

Purpose & Function           

The overall purpose and functions are:

The ‘Director of Programs’ is responsible for managing and developing ABAAD’s programs and strategies and for ensuring that all projects are financially sound and contribute effectively in meeting ABAAD’s gender goals and policies. S/he has the overall responsibility of ensuring that day-to-day project operations are running smoothly and that results-based management and best practices are put into place so that all interventions and activities are running effectively and efficiently and that ABAAD’s work reflects gender sensitivity, accountability, transparency and compliance with accepted international standards.

Among the functions and the results s/he is expected to achieve:

  1. Manage and oversee ABAAD’s portfolio of programs, projects, activities, operations and project team members and ensure the successful achievement of planned goals and strategies. 
  2. Oversee the development of programs that align with ABAAD’s strategic plan in coordination with Project Managers/Coordinators and the ‘Director’.
  3. Coordinate with the Project Managers/Coordinators to ensure proper implementation of projects in compliance with ABAAD’s strategies, rules and policies as well as with the sector’s best practices and the national and international accepted standards and regulations. 
  4. Develop projects’ budgets and ensure that appropriate budget management practices are maintained at all times and that all reporting practices are in line with donors’ requirements — in coordination with the Financial Manager.
  5. Liaise with partners and donors to develop new relations and maintain the current ones while ensuring proper communication and the development of innovative fundraising strategies that will result in the acquirement of new contracts — in coordination with the ‘Director’.
  6. Maintain a good relationship with ABAAD’s partners and develop a fundraising strategy to motivate funding of ABAAD’s programs and activities.
  7. Develop and maintain positive, constructive and supportive relationships among the different projects, teams, partners, the board and other relevant stakeholders.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

The Director of Program’s main responsibilities and duties are:               

Strategic Program Management

  • Support the ‘Director’ and contribute meaningfully in the strategic development of ABAAD’s programs and in identifying new thematic and multi sectorial focus areas for intervention.
  • Follow up closely with the Project Managers/Coordinators on the projects’ management (monitoring, evaluation and remedial actions), and ensure timely and proper implementation of activities and compliance to sector’s best practices. 
  • Take relevant measures to ensure the successful achievement of all the projects’ goals and deliverables in fulfillment of each project’s theory of change, requirements, allocated budget, timelines, deadlines and the contract signed with the donor.
  • Oversee Project Managers/Coordinators and provide them with best project management practices (including M&E and reporting).
  • In coordination with the ‘Director’, represent and promote ABAAD’s values, goals and work with local and international partners’ agencies, sector networks and other stakeholders.

Partnership & Networking

  • Supervise the general management of partnership relations and ensure smooth communication and productive collaboration with all partners, networks and stakeholders.
  • Overview the joint interventions between ABAAD and its partners and ensure that all activities follow proper quality measures, accountability and adherence to the principles that ABAAD fosters (such as gender sensitivity, Do No Harm, etc.).
  • Support ABAAD’s partners in the development and implementation of joint projects/interventions.
  • Ensure the collaboration of and coordination among ABAAD’s partners who are working on the same projects as a consortium. 
  • Conduct field visits and organize meetings with partners to discuss project impediments, risks and assumptions, needed resources or issues/delays in completing planned tasks.

Program Fundraising

  • Monitor and explore gender-related strategic opportunities and budget lines and accordingly develop matching concepts and proposals that would raise proper funds — while working in close collaboration with the projects teams and the ‘Director’.
  • Develop fundraising strategies, diversify aid resources and target individuals, foundations and corporate funding sources.
  • Manage funding strategies and activities to ensure the sustainability and viability of ABAAD’s programs. 
  • Manage and maintain ABAAD’s relations with current partners and donors as well as plan to create new partnerships with agencies and donors both locally and internationally.
  • Contribute in building ABAAD’s visibility and in promoting its achievements, value propositions, quality services and competitive advantages.

Reporting and Communication

  • Provide regular updates and monthly reports to the ‘Director’ on all issues related to the programs’ progress, challenges, achievements and other important or emerging issues.
  • Ensure communication flow internally by putting effective practices for regular project teams’ meetings, reviews, reporting, information and knowledge sharing and management.
  • Ensure most effective and external communication by reporting timely with partners, donors and stakeholders. 
  • Organize regular meetings with the Project Managers/Coordinators (both separately and collectively) to discuss project wins, achievements, impediments, risks, emerging needs, delays and measures that should be taken.
  • Serve as a focal point to communicate and resolve interface and integration issues with all projects.

Team Building & Leadership

  • Provide professional guidance, technical support, mentoring and coaching to the Project Managers/Coordinators to help them manage their projects more effectively.
  • Motivate the Project Managers/Coordinators and teams through ABAAD’s values and principles.
  • Support team members to fulfil their potential through effective performance management, mentoring and other opportunities for growth Contribute in the design and implementation of the capacity building plan of the projects’ teams.
  • Ensure proper capacity development and the use of best practices, proper attitudes and behavior by all the team members. 
  • Create an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and cohesive team effort.
  • Assess teams’ performance regularly and encourage creativity, learning and constant improvement.
  • Ensure that the Project Managers/Coordinators and team members have the proper capacity and delegated authority to address all agreed upon issues and requirements.
  • Recognize and celebrate team members’ accomplishments and exceptional performances.
  • Manage and resolve personal and professional conflicts among team members.         

Application Procedures

Interested candidates in this position should send their CV along with a cover letter, to copying ABAAD Director, Ghida Anani at and include the job title above in the email subject by January 2nd, 2018. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

ABAAD is an equal employment opportunity organization.

Closing date: 
2nd January 2018