The Geographical Journal

The Geographical Journal has been the academic journal of the Royal Geographical Society, under the terms of the Royal Charter, since 1893. It publishes original research papers and review articles, all of which are refereed. Editorial policy is not influenced by the views of the sponsors. The papers range across the entire subject of Geography, with particular reference to public debates, policy-orientated agendas and notions of ‘relevance’. Particular emphasis is placed on:

• Publishing articles that make a major theoretical, conceptual and/or empirical intervention to the advancement of both geography and ideas pertaining to ‘public relevance’
• Stimulating and shaping future public and policy-orientated agendas across human and physical geography
• Publishing a range of articles, editorial interventions and other forms of commentaries, which investigate why problems, issues and solutions are posed in particular ways
• Evaluating the manner in which geographical knowledge is used to influence and underpin local, national and global policies
• Attracting articles and other contributions that communicate ‘cutting-edge’ research in an accessible manner