CAB International (CABI)

Major UK-based agricultural information service. Now called CAB International (CABI), formerly Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International, formerly Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International.

Information products include:

(a) CAB Abstracts: equivalent to the set of printed abstract journals, covering rural development, agricultural economics, technical agriculture (plant breeding, crop production/protection, biotechnology, dairy science/technology), forestry, irrigation and all aspects of agricultural research. Covers the period 1973 to present. Available online on Dialog (file 50), ESA-IRS, Datastar, DIMDI, STN. The whole database, plus more specialist subsets of the database are also available on CDROM (full database called CABCD: subsets are AgeconCD, BeastCD, CABPestCD, CropCD, E-CD (environmental quality/degradation), HortCD, PlantGene CD, SoilCD, TreeCD (includes extra historical data, going back to 1939 which is not yet available online), VetCD) and in the range of printed abstracts journals. Also distributed on floppy discs, in formats suitable for adding to local PC databases.

(b) CAB Health: see separate entry

(c) Human Nutrition: see separate entry

(d) CAB Access: weekly current awareness service (delivered as a database on floppy disc or over the Internet using Silverplatter's ERL technology) covering over 1300 key journals in agriculture, forestry, veterinary science and allied disciplines. No abstracts, but includes subject keywords.

(e) Database search, current awareness and document delivery services also available: fee based services.

(f) WWW server includes information on CAB and its products.

(g) Publishing programme of abstract journals and books.

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