Council for Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research (ATSAF E.V.)

ATSAF is a network of scientists from German Federal research institutes, universities and other research institutes working in the field of tropical and subtropical agricultural research. Activities include support for the German Alliance for International Agricultural Research (AIDA) and for German participation in European Consortium on Agricultural Research in the Tropics (ECART) and the European Tropical Forestry Network (EFTRN).

Information products include:

(a) ATSAF Circular: quarterly announcements bulletin of international interest. Sections in German, French and English.

(b) Forschungsvorhaben (ZADI/ATSAF-FOHA) Research Projects Information System: aimed at researchers, administrators, technology agencies in the fields of agricultural research. Available on WWW (and on DIMDI host [?]) [Part of the SPAAR system?]

(c) WWW site includes: information on ATSAF; links to information on programmes it supports; listing of German and international conferences on agriculture, food and environment.