United Nations [UN] World Food Programme (WFP)

UN agency focusing on the provision of food aid in support of development projects and the channelling of food aid for disaster relief.

Databases include:

(a) WWW site: include weekly emergency report, WFP transport and logistics data (including detailed country level distribution maps), global food aid statistics (Interfais/Food Aid Monitor data, including full text and statistics of annual Food Aid Flows), situation reports, project documents,

(b) Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) Project data: analyzing the vulnerability of target populations to food insecurity and their capacities for coping with disaster; and 2) presenting the analysis with digital maps. See separate entry

(c) INTERFAIS database: Food aid database, used to monitor food aid allocations and shipments in order to improve food aid management, coordination and statistical analysis. Data available from 1988 onwards. Data is also used in the production of the Food Aid Monitor and annual Food Aid Flows (available via WFP WWW site): presented as eight food aid summary reports which comprise most of the Food Aid Monitor (extra tables appear in printed version, including delivery schedules) and annual Food Aid Flows. Data includes statistics by: recipient, donor, mode of supply, type of commodity, beneficiary type. Data available from 1988 onwards.

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