NGO directories

Various agencies are creating databases on non-governmental organisations (NGOs), including:

(a) Idealist / Action Without Borders: directory of some 16,000 organisations.

(b) CharityNet: UK plus some international.

(c) USAID: directories of USA and non-USA NGO's (international and indigenous) registered with USAID.

(a) United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS): database on developing countries NGOs with c.1600 entries. Information on contact address and subject interest. NGLS is also working on databases of NGOs accredited to the major UN conferences (lists of these are also issued with the supporting documents for each meeting); NGOs from the transition countries of East and Central Europe; Women's organisations world-wide. WWW:

(b) International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA): Creating a world-wide NGO database (possibly with support from NGLS on developing countries):

(d) World Bank: Database of some 6,000 NGOs, may be out-of date. Contact: John Clark, World Bank.

(e) IDIN institutions database: includes some of the more research orientated NGOs (see separate entry)

(f) CRIES CDRom: includes database of research NGOs in Central America and Caribbean (see separate entry)

(g) EDET database: organisations involved in environmental education and training (see separate entry)

(h) UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA): directory of NGOs providing humanitarian aid, emergency relief, food aid, refugee support, etc. Available of Humanitarian Crisis Web, part of UNIENET (see separate entry)

(i) OECD Development Centre: produced a general printed directory of (1) development related NGOs in OECD countries in 1990, plus updated sectoral directories on (2) the environment (1992), (3) human rights, refugees and migrants (1993), (4) Population and Development (1994: also available on CDROM), (5) Habitat and urban development (1997). The information on European NGOs working on sustainable development was [partly] updated in 1996 and issued on both print and CDROM disc. These are not yet available online, but you can request searches on the database by subject/country/organisation etc. by contacting the External Cooperation Programme of the OECD Development Centre. Fax: 33 1 45 24 79 43.

(j) NGO directory for Eastern and Central Europe: See separate entry. Available via Cedar WWW

(k) Carter Centre WWW site has a listing of NGO's which they work with in various countries (see separate entry)

(l) Housmans World Peace Directory (see separate entry)

(m) WHO has a directory of NGOs which are in liaison with WHO. Available on their WWW server:

(n) World Directory of Development Organizations and Programs: WWW directory of NGOs, some entries include information on countries/sectors in which they fund projects (see separate entry for more details). WWW:

(o) Interaction Directory of African NGO Networks, 1998:

(p) NGO Exchange: host site or directory for a number of major developing country NGOs.

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