Three Cs

For each evaluation there is a lead agency together with various active partner agencies. This set-up of the evaluations allows for a decentralised management and emphasises joint learning instead of formal decision-making procedures.

More information on the six evaluation studies can be found in a special section on this website:

The 3C Task Force was set up to coordinate the implementation of these six studies. The Task Force was established by the Group of EU Heads of Evaluation Services for the 3C Initiative in which the European Commission (AidCO and ECHO), the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland actively participate. The chair (Sweden) of the Task Force is supported by a small Secretariat (EC, Belgium, Netherlands). 

It aims to promote wide dissemination of 3C evaluation results amongst policy makers, agency staff, practitioners and experts from countries within and beyond the European Union. In order to reach these different audiences, a learning- and dissemination strategy has been designed by the ECDPM, gravitating around a specially designed website dedicated to the final products of the six evaluations

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