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2000-2001 research themes are:


  • Privatisation, Unemployment and Welfare in China
  • Micro-simulation of Tax-Benefit Reforms in Russia

Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Long-term Development in the CFA-zone Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Institutional Capabilities, Reform Ownership and Development in SSA

Institutional, Poverty and Distributive Issues

  • The Social Impact of Privatization and Regulation of Utilities and Social Services in Latin America
  • Insurance against Poverty
  • Refugees, International Illegal Migration and Poverty
  • New Fiscal Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction

International Financial and Growth Issues

  • Capital Flows to Developing Countries since the Asian Crisis: How to Manage their Volatility?
  • Production, employment and income distribution in the global digital economy
  • Property Rights Regimes, Microeconomic Incentives, and Development

National and Global Governance

  • Globalisation and the Obstacles to the Successful Integration of Small Vulnerable Economies
  • Why Some Countries Avoid Conflicts while Others Fail

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