Feinstein International Center, USA

The Feinstein International Center's mission statement includes a commitment to develop and promote operational and policy responses to protect and strengthen the lives and livelihoods of people living in crisis-affected and marginalized communities who are impacted by violence, malnutrition, loss of assets or forced migration. It aims to work globally in partnership with national and international organizations to bring about institutional changes that enhance effective policy reform and promote best practice.

It is committed to:

  • providing a graduate education in humanitarian issues, firmly grounded in field realities and cutting-edge research to equip our students who will become tomorrow’s leaders in humanitarian and development action. 
  • promoting synergy between practice and academia in order to ensure impact of the former and sharpen the latter and provide inter-disciplinary technical competencies and expertise in partnership with organizations who are engaged with vulnerable communities affected by crises
  • promoting pro-livelihood policies, institutions and processes through participatory approaches and partnerships.


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