U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre (U4)

The U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre assists donor practitioners to more effectively addressing corruption challenges through their development support. U4 serves seven partner agencies: Norad (Norway), DFID (UK), CIDA (Canada), GTZ (Germany), MinBuZa (the Netherlands), Sida (Sweden), and BTC (Belgium) by providing resources and services.

More background information about U4: U4 consists of an online resource centre at operated by a team of researchers, coordinators, administrative- and IT-staff. Services offered by U4 also include anti-corruption courses and a help desk.

U4 THEME PAGES: U4's theme pages focus on good practices and operational relevance, and are developed specifically for a donor audience. Here are some of the topics covered: Corruption in Natural Resource Management, Private Sector and Corruption, UNCAC - United Nations Convention against Corruption, Political Corruption, Corruption in Emergencies, Public Financial Management and Corruption, Corruption in the Health Sector, Corruption in the Education Sector, Donor Coordination of Anti-Corruption Efforts, Knowledge Management for Anti-Corruption, Addressing Corruption in Fragile States: What Role for Donors?

ANTI-CORRUPTION TRAINING: U4 offers tailor-made training for development practitioners, designed to prepare them for development work in corruption prone environments. Courses cover basicconcepts, as well as approaches and tools to counteract corruption. Emphasis is also given to international standards and context specific analyses. International experts on different topics lead the trainings, and eligible participants include staff from U4 partner agencies and invited partners.

U4 EXPERT ANSWERS: Transparency International's secretariat in Berlin operates the U4 help desk service, where U4 partner agency staff can submit questions related to corruption challenges they face. Thoroughly researched answers are given within 10 working days.

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