India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN)

The India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN), or Landelijke India Werkgroep (LIW), informs the public in the Netherlands and in Europe about India and how social, economic and political developments in the West influence the daily lives of millions of Indians. The ICN is based on solidarity with deprived groups in Indian society: the poor, dalits (the so-called 'untouchables'), child labourers, victims of environmental degradation, landless people and countless women and girls. The ICN supports their struggle against poverty, oppression, unequal treatment and degradation of their environment. The ICN co-operates with various organisations all over India. In the Netherlands, and Europe in general, the ICN co-operates with many social organisations, NGOs and trade unions. A broad social basis makes or breaks campaigns. Broad coalitions are therefore needed in India, the Netherlands and Europe.

The ICN carries out research, owns a public library, publishes and distributes books, booklets and a bimonthly magazine 'India Nu' (India Today). Many of those studies are also available on the website. In addition to that the ICN lends out video tapes, slide shows, and organises seminars, exhibitions, conferences, information and discussion meetings and other educational activities for and with a wide variety of individuals and groups.