ProVention Consortium

The ProVention Consortium supports developing countries in reducing the risk and social, economic and environmental impacts of natural and technological disasters on the poor in order to reduce poverty and build sustainable economies.

The ProVention Consortium is a global coalition of governments, international organizations, academic institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations dedicated to increasing the safety of vulnerable communities and to reducing the impact of disasters in developing countries.

ProVention activities are helping to advance policy and practice in disaster risk management and fall into the following three categories:

  • risk identification and analysis - assessing hazards, vulnerabilities and capacities
  • risk reduction- avoiding hazards and reducing vulnerability
  • risk sharing and transfer - protecting investments and sharing the costs

projects are designed to encourage innovation, improve practice, promote partnerships and influence decision makers. Activities include research studies, pilot projects, education and training activities, advocacy initiatives and policy development.

The ProVention website links to toolkits, analysis, articles, a risk management library, and publications.