Conciliation Resources (CR)

Conciliation Resources is a peacebuilding NGO supporting people at the heart of conflicts who are striving to find solutions. It works with them to deepen collective understanding of the conflict, bring together divided communities and create opportunities for them to resolve their differences peacefully. They remain for as long as needed to provide advice, support and practical resources, then take what has been learned to government decision-makers, and others working to end conflict, to improve peacebuilding policies and practice worldwide.

Programme work focuses on seven conflict-affected regions around the world: West Africa, East and Central Africa, Colombia, Philippines, Kashmir, the Caucasus and Fiji. The Accord publication series takes a further in-depth look at specific conflict contexts and peacebuilding themes, which informs and strengthens peace processes by documenting and analysing practical lessons and innovations of peacebuilding. In addition, Conciliation Resources works to improve global conflict policies, with a focus on the UK, EU and UN, and the regions in which they work.

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