Institute For Social And Environmental Transition (ISET)

ISET is an international, non-profit institute with members and advisors in both the North and the South. Individuals and organisations involved in ISET all share a commitment to environmentally sustainable development and poverty alleviation. Within this commitment, ISET's mission is twofold:
  • to improve understanding and elevate the level of dialogue as civil society attempts to respond to natural resource and environmental challenges in a rapidly changing global context
  • to serve as a framework for equal collaboration between individuals and organisations in the North and South on programs that address the first mission

To achieve these objectives ISET:

  • identify, demonstrate and support the implementation of practical, innovative solutions to basic environmental and humanitarian needs
  • disseminate information on basic resource, environmental and humanitarian topics;
  • educate upcoming generations and evolving community, policy and private sector audiences
  • function as a highly professional, non-partisan forum where the open exchange of views and ideas is welcomed
  • serve as a framework enabling evolution of new strategies in response to rapidly changing local and global conditions while learning from the results of current and past initiatives.

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