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    A critical look at the charter on democracy, elections and governance in Africa

    Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project, 2007
    This paper provides a critical analysis of the recently adopted African Union (AU) Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance in Africa (the Charter). It identifies issues that pose a threat to stability and democracy in Africa and focuses on an analysis into the root causes of unconstitutional changes of government.
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    The role of parliament in budgetary oversight

    Parliamentary Centre, Canada, 2007
    This document provides an overview of the role of the Cambodian Parliament (National Assembly and Senate) in budgetary oversight, and general information on the budget process. It is targeted both at parliamentarians and at government officials and academics who wish to better understand the role of parliament in budget oversight.
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    Parliament and democracy in the twenty-first century: a guide to good practice

    Inter Parliamentary Union, 2006
    What is the parliamentary contribution to democracy? What makes a parliament or legislature itself democratic? How might it become more so? These are the questions which this Guide seeks to answer.
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    2006 annual report of press freedom

    Reporters Without Borders [Reporters Sans Frontières], 2006
    This report considers press freedom across the world in 2006. It examines the state of national media in each continent of the world and details the numbers of journalists killed or detained in various countries.The document reviews threats to the press in 2005 and highlights various governments and global crises which have affected the freedom of the media to report.
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    Hearing the voices of the poor: encouraging good governance and poverty reduction through media sector support

    World Learning, 2003
    This paper argues that heightened media involvement in the PRSP process could help build a stronger independent media sector while preparing citizens to take an active role in dialogues that will have a huge impact on their lives.
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    Civil society, the media and internet as tools for creating accountability to poor and disadvantaged groups

    Human Development Report Office, UNDP, 2002
    This report analyses the ways in which civil society and the media contribute to establish more accountable governments in Latin America. It provides a general overview of the trends and changes that affected the development of Latin American societies and the media in the past decade.
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    The print media and corruption in Lebanon

    Civil Society and Governance Programme, IDS, 2001
    This paper details and analyses the activities initiated by civil society organizations to express their frustration and call for change concerning corruption and administrative reform in Lebanon. It focuses on the national media and its role as an important civil society vehicle in shaping public opinion and impacting governance regarding corruption.