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    Inheriting extreme poverty: household aspirations, community attitudes and childhood in northern Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, 2005
    This report summarises research into the influence of community institutions on the inheritance of extreme poverty. The authors explore the differences in childhood between ultra poor households and moderately poor households, as well as the inherent implications for policy and practice.
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    Urban poverty, childhood poverty and social protection in China: critical issues

    Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre, 2004
    This paper examines the problem of urban poverty in China, particularly in relation to its impact on disadvantaged children, including children of migrants and street children.
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    Gender, education and child labour in Egypt

    International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour, 2004
    This study analyses existing literature on the education and gender aspects of child labour. It explores the linkages between child labour, gender and education and highlights areas for further research and programme/policy interventions.The paper looks at the causes of child labour, its prevalence and distribution in Egypt.
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    Is child labour in rural economies caused by poverty?

    id21 Development Research Reporting Service, 2003
    Whilst it is children working in carpet, clothing and sports equipment industries that grab the headlines, the majority of working children actually labour on farms operated by their own families. What explains the apparent paradox that children in households with land are often more likely to be in work and less likely to be in school than kids from families without land?
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    Child labor and poverty transmission: no room for dreams

    Economic Research Forum, Egypt, 2001
    It is widely believed that poverty is the main reason for child labour. Recent studies have focused on the impact of poverty on child labour. It is often assumed that parents send their children to work only if they are poverty stricken.
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    Revisiting the link between poverty and child labor: the Ghanaian experience

    Policy Research Working Papers, World Bank, 2000
    This article explores the link between poverty and child labor in Ghana. In Ghana children from poor households are far more likely to engage in child labor activities than are children from nonpoor households. Girls generally work more than boys, and rural children work more than urban children.The link between poverty and child labor has traditionally been regarded as well established.