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    Logging in Congo's rainforests: a "carbon bomb" about to be primed by the Government of Norway? A call for urgent action

    Rainforest Foundation, UK, 2017
    The government of Norway, through its ‘Central African Forests Initiative’ (CAFI), is considering providing financial support to a programme being developed by the French Development Agency (AFD) to greatly expand large-scale commercial logging in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
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    Emerging evidence on climate change and health in Africa

    United States Agency for International Development, 2017
    This report presents evidence on the effects of climate change risks on the health sector in Africa. It illustrates climate threats to health and development investments and highlights opportunities to achieve health targets in Sub-Saharan Africa in the face of climate change.
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    Indonesia: costs of climate change 2050 – technical report

    United States Agency for International Development, 2016
    The Climate Change Adaptation, Thought Leadership and Assessments (ATLAS) Project undertook an assessment of the future economic costs of climate change in Indonesia to provide USAID/Indonesia and the Government of Indonesia with actionable information for climate change adaptation programming and climate resili
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    Humanitarian policy and practice in a changing climate: guiding principles for practitioners

    Noragric, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 2018
    Humanitarian policies and practices unavoidably have both positive and negative impacts on various aspects of the vulnerability context it aims to address; hence, how we design and implement humanitarian interventions has an impact on future vulnerability to climate change.
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    Parched power: water demands, risks, and opportunities for India’s power sector

    World Resources Institute, Washington DC, 2018
    This paper aims to help decision-makers understand the magnitude of water issues for the thermal power sector in India with quantitative evidence. There is a significant data gap in power plant water use in India.
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    Bringing together voices to address climate change uncertainty in the Indian Sundarbans

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 2018
    The majority of the five million people that live in the deltaic Indian Sundarbans face continuous uncertainties in relation to their shelter, livelihoods, and health. Climate change is one of the key factors aggravating this situation.
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    How can development cooperation address ocean plastic pollution?

    30 Jan 2018: This blog first appeared on the Institute of Development Studies website and is reposted with their permissio
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    Energy subsidies, international aid, and the politics of reform

    United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research, 2017
    Energy subsidy reform is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and tackling climate change. This paper sets out the evidence on the scale of subsidies and their impact. It then reviews the actions of donors in encouraging and supporting energy subsidy reforms.
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    Hydropower production in future climate scenarios: the case for Kwanza River, Angola

    Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2016
    Climate change is altering hydrological processes with varying degrees in various regions of the world and remains a threat to water resources projects in southern Africa. The likely negative impacts of changes in Africa may be worse than in most other regions of the world.
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    Hydropower production in future climate scenarios; the case for the Zambezi River

    Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2016
    Climate change remains a threat to water resources projects in southern Africa where impacts resulting from changes in climate are projected to be negative and worse than in most other regions of the world. This work presents an assessment of the impacts of climate change on water resources and hydropower production potential in the Zambezi River Basin.