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    Ghana: democracy and political participation

    Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project, 2007
    This research assesses the level of democratic development in Ghana and provides an analysis on the openness of various democratic spaces. While welcoming the substantial progress made since 1992, the report draws attention to the challenges that still threaten the consolidation of democracy and political participation in Ghana.
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    Netherlands Institute for Muliparty Democracy

    The NIMD was established by the Dutch political parties as a response to international requests for support by political parties and groups abroad.
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    National Democratic Institute

    The National Democratonprofit organization working to strengthen and expand democracy worldwide.
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    Political party assessment: Afghanistan

    Netherlands Institute for Muliparty Democracy, 2006
    This report provides an overview the current state of Afghanistan’s emerging political parties. It particularly focuses on parties represented in the National Assembly and discusses the political identity, organisational strength, internal democracy, and electioneering capacity of the 25 parties that were examined in this research. Some of the key findings include:
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    Associations and the exercise of citizenship in new democracies: evidence from São Paulo and Mexico City

    Centre for the Future State, IDS, 2007
    Associations are often seen in democratic theory as ‘schools of democracy’, which play a critical role in producing civic and active citizens. Based on research in São Paulo and Mexico City, this IDS paper argues that this may not be the case in newer democracies with authoritarian legacies.
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    International Conference on Engaging Communities

    2005 UN and Queensland government organised conference resulting in the Brisbane Declaration on Community Engagement.
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    Capacity development for indigenous territorial management

    International NGO Training and Research Centre, 2007
    Implementing a system of territorial management to Traditional Communal Lands (TCOs in English) poses a challenge to Bolivia’s indigenous peoples, as they lack practical skills necessary to do so.